Good Reasons To Rent Camping Equipment In Iceland -Tips & Tricks

Camping Equipment In Iceland

Traveling can be as simple as you make it to be. Having a good planning and knowledge of the country you are heading to also helps. But if we are honest, there are certain things that are just out of our own control. They do not depend on us but there are surely ways we can do to ease the situation. Baggage allowance! Does it sound familiar? Here you can find where to rent Camping Equipment In Iceland. No more Kg headaches!

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Camping Equipment In Iceland

If you are checking this post, you probably think camping is a great option for your trip. It is indeed, Iceland nature has a lot to offer and this is a great way to discover it. The flexibility and affordability of camping can hardly be compared to group travel packages. Something we should bear in mind when planning it is our suitcase.

As funny as it seems, many people forget they are on a trip not moving out to another country. The more, the better is not true in every single situation. When camping, you need to learn how to get rid of what is not strictly necessary. If you are renting a car, a motorhome or a campervan, storage space is limited. Set your mind to choose what is basic,elementary and essential. You really do not want to waste time packing and unpacking. Discovering that half of the items in your suitcases are useless. Or that your trip is over and you just used the 10% of a million tons of stuff.

However, it is not just for your own comfort and to make our travel easy. You also need to meet certain rules with the airlines about baggage allowance. The thing is we know that camping may require specific equipment. Bringing all that material could really be a headache. It can be quite heavy, sometimes items cannot be folded as their rigid. It takes a lot of space!

Keep in mind that when you rent Camping Equipment In Iceland, it is for the Icelandic weather. This is a huge advantage! You just cannot use the same equipment in Spain, in Australia and in Iceland. The gear needs to adapt correctly to the weather conditions of the country. Otherwise chances of no having a pleasant trip gets higher.

So to rent Camping Equipment In Iceland can become a life saver. Here you have some tips and tricks on where to get them:


Believe me when I say there are amazing stores here that makes everything so much easier! Right in the center of the city. You can either rent or buy your gear. From tents, sleeping bags, maps, WIFI, Sims…everything you can think of! Rent camping equipment in Iceland has never been this easy.

Camping Equipment In Iceland

Many of this stores even deliver the stuff to the provided address. They offer 24/7 services and expert advices. Some stores even have an online one. So you can directly check prices and compare from your home countries’ couch.

Camping Grounds

Way more limited that the offer of Reykjavik but still possible. Some campsites also have a mini store where they have a tiny selection of camping equipment you can rent for the night. This option can for sure get you out of a one-time trouble. As this is not offered by every campsite in Iceland, I would recommend checking it previously. When looking for your camping and place to stay, you can get such information. This way you know beforehand what you can count on.

Camping Equipment In Iceland

Good Reasons To Rent Camping Equipment In Iceland -Tips & Tricks

Whichever option you choose, we hope you can make the most out of your Icelandic experience. Camping is a great opportunity to mingle with the nature. The type of nature only a country like Iceland would be able to offer.

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