Reykjavik Bus – Public Transportation

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When going to a new place or city, knowing how to get around is quite important. Luckily enough, in Reykjavik city we have a well-connected public transportation system available for anyone to use. We have then created this Reykjavik Bus – Public Transportation post to further explain how it works and provide further information for those travelers who would like to take it.

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Reykjavik Bus – Public Transportation

Reykjavik is not a huge city but this does not mean our public transportation network is deficient. The city has a great connection not only within the main city area but also with the suburbs and the satellites villages close to the city as well as the outskirts of town. Reykjavik Bus or Public Transportation are called Strætó and they are bright yellow. They will be easily recognized by anyone even if they are coming to Iceland for the first time. Keep on reading our Reykjavik Bus – Public Transportation article and enjoy the ride!

Bus Lines

Reykjavik Bus lines are divided into 55 lines. As stated before, Strætó provides services within the capital city, these are the city buses. Services to villages and cities close to Reykjavik are provided by the overland buses that come in half yellow half blue color. These lines head to close places such as Selfoss or Vik and some lines to even further places such as Akureyri. Routes come in different colors, most common colors are: Red, Green, Blue and Dark blue. This routes are, in turn, numbered. So when you look a route map, it sorts of looks like a subway map.

Reykjavik Bus – Public Transportation

Reykjavik Bus – Public Transportation


City buses normally runs from Monday to Sunday and they depart every 15 minutes. This applies to the main routes; other routes depart every 30 or even 60 minutes. Other only run from Monday to Friday. That is why checking the schedule for each line is important.

Bear in mind that routes reduce their frequency on weekends and also during the summer time. You can also download their app on Apple or Android to stay updated and have transport information at hand.

Reykjavik Bus – Public Transportation

City Center Restrictions

Strætó is currently doing some modification of their transportation system. One of the most important changes is that Reykjavik bus traffic and touristic coaches cannot run within the city center /downtown from July 15th . Current bus stops locations will then change, you will find information regarding pick up and drop off points on their website and app.

This measure aims for a more pleasant and walkable city center, as well as for environmental reasons.

Ticket price

Fares, just like in any other place, differ depending on the passenger age and type of pass. A single ticket for an adult in the capital area is: 440 ISK, kids between 0-18 210 ISK and toddlers from 0-5 years can ride for free.

You can pay by cash, using a bus ticket (card) or the mobile app. If you are paying by cash, you need to provide the exact amount as drivers cannot give any change back. If you are going to use the Reykjavik buses constantly, we highly recommend you to get a ticket pack as you will save some cash. These packs come with a 20 tickets, One-day pass (1560 ISK), three- day pass. 1 month, 3 months and 9-month bus passes are also available.

Reykjavik Bus – Public Transportation

If you have bought a pass card, you just need to take it close to the contactless machine at the entry of the bus for it to beep. If you bought a single ticket at any office, just hand it in to the driver.

We hope you enjoy the ride!

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