North Iceland – 5 Recommendations From a Local

North Iceland

The north Iceland area is the raw side of nature at its best. In this blog, we wrote several articles about amazing location in this part of the Island. Today, we would like to go off the beaten track and show you some other breathtaking locations that are not that well-known among foreigners. Here you have 5 recommendations from a local on hidden pearls on the North Iceland.

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If you are coming to Iceland and wish to experience the wild and strong forces of nature, then be sure the area of north Iceland is the place to go. There are still some circumstances you need to take into account before heading there, as checking the type of vehicle and roads. But let’s get started:

North Iceland


This is a beautiful and quite wide fjord. If you are looking for the typical peat houses (grass roof) or Icelandic landscapes, this is the place to go.

A recommended place you can go in North Iceland to find these beautiful constructions is the Glaumbær farm. The house was inhabited until 1947, but the farm itself has existed since the first settlers, which came to Iceland circa 874. The Glaumbær farm was given the status of protected property. Nowadays it is owned by the Icelandic National Museum. Travelers can visit it and learn how was the lives of the Icelanders back in the XVIII.

There are currently 13 houses in the area. One of them, some say, was the house were Snorri Þorfinnsson lived with his parents. He is said to be the first European born in America as their parents went to the continent in an excursion before Christopher Columbus.


Its name translates to “Troll Peninsula”. It is a mountainous area so now you know why trolls love it so much. Besides the picturesque surroundings, there are also other attractions – a very pretty church in Möðruvellir, which is an amazing valley located in the north of Iceland. This church is from the 19th century. The area is quite related to Guðmundur Arason, a bishop who help to consolidate the Catholic church in Iceland. The beautifully renovated town of Siglufjörður and planned it as the main destination in this area along with the Sauðanes lighthouse.

North Iceland


Are you a waterfall lover? Then here you have another reason why you should visit North Iceland. It is a bit hidden so you need to walk a bit off the road to get there but it will for sure be worth it! It is a powerful waterfall even though it is not too tall. You can even get quite close to it but beware as the rocks gets slippy the closer you get to the water drop. As it is not famous (we really do not know why) be sure to take some directions with you before getting there. The Waterfall is in a gorge; you will absolutely love it!


Are you a huge Game of Thrones fan? Well then you can feel just like a tv star if you come to visit Grjótagjá. It is a natural thermal spring cave in the north of Iceland. Beautiful colors, beautiful surroundings close to lake myvatn. It appeared in the wide known series, season 3 of Games of Thrones when Jon Snow “slept” with Ygritte…if you know what I mean. It is a well-known place for the locals, it has been used as bathing spot for centuries. Its waters are heated by the volcanic activity going on right below the area. Be sure to check the status of the waters with any local guide as its been raising and falling lately.

North Iceland

North Iceland – 5 Recommendations From a Local


Raw nature at its best. This is a lava field located in northeastern region of Iceland. You will be able to see the formations that resulted from an eruption in 2014. This area looks like an otherworldly place. You will have a great view of what a crater looks like from the distance. Some lava flowing can also be seen. This is for sure an ultimate experience. This area is located in the highlands, so it can only be accessed with 4×4 vehicles. Getting information from local guides is also advisable.

Do not hesitate and find a way or a blank space in your tight agenda and visit these places, I am sure you will not regret it!

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