5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Lake Myvatn

Lake Myvatn

Lake Myvatn lies in Northern Iceland and it never gets completely frozen although it is set only 100 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. All of that is thanks to the lava fields, active volcanoes and geothermal springs where you can not only have a bath but also bake volcanic bread. The lake has a beautiful blue-green color thanks to algae and minerals. The frayed coastline and numerous rock-lava formation make it looks like a backwater area more than a lake.

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In this article I wil give you 5 reason why you should visit Myvatn. You will be able to get to know it a bit better and see its beauty. I will do my best to describe it the best I can!

Lake Myvatn

Lake Myvatn lies by just off the Ring Road. You can approach it easily and the road will get you to most of the attractions, not only the lake but its amazing surroundings. To reach Hverir and Krafli you will need to pass the lake and take the Ring Road a few kilometers to the east. The Entrance to Myvatn Nature Baths costs from 3500 ISK to 4000 ISK per adult.

  1. Geothermal swimming pool – Myvatn Nature Bath

That is definitely the first reason why you should visit Lake Myvatn. The nature reserve in this area is fragile and beautiful. Here tourist service consists of designated areas to minimize interference and not to disturb this unique and very delicate ecosystem.

Lake Myvatn Nature Bath is close in beauty to the Blue Lagoon’s most famous geothermal bath in Iceland.  The beginning can be a bit rough to be honest. You need to prepare yourself to get a bit cold before you dip in the warm relaxing water of like 30 degrees. First when you are already there, you need to get a shower and walk a few meters to the baths. You might get a bit chilly but when you reach the bath, you will realize that the moment of immersion has never been so pleasant! There are several baths with different temperature even up to 40 degrees. That is a perfect place to take a geothermal dip and enjoy the beauty of the landscapes around you!

Lake Myvatn

2. Dimmuborgir lava formation

Dimmuborgir is a labyrinth made from lava with small caves, ravines and crevices. Its name means gloomy or dark lock. This is a pretty good indication, because it is the first place in Iceland that is a bit overwhelming and impressing at the same time.

Here there is time to look for a volcanic bread! Yes, bread. You can buy it at local pubs and restaurants and it’s not particularly cheap! It is roasted in an underground, geothermal bakery where the earth’s temperature reaches 100 degrees. The bread dough is poured into the pot, closed tightly, buried under the ground and left like that for 24 hours. At the end of the day the pot- rugbrauð is dug out and the bread is ready! You should try it.

 3. Hverfjall volcano

No worries at all, the last eruption was place like 2500 years ago. Since then it does not show any activity. The gravel interior of Hverfjall resembles some rippling sand dunes in the desert. The view in each direction is simply amazing. You can see the lake and the thermal baths from here and people walking on the other side of the crater look like ants, tine dots moving along the edge. You should definitely see this place.

Lake Myvatn

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Lake Myvatn

4. Pseudo craters

They do not have much in common with real craters. These are small and overgrown with vegetation and are located next to each other and stretch to the horizon. Their resemblance to lunar landscapes has long been recognized by American astronauts. This is where Neil Armstrong and other astronauts were practicing walking through the pseudocraters before navigating the moon surface. The views are really beautiful and picturesque.

 5. Dettifoss waterfall

Dettifoss can be seen from far. On sunny days even with 1 kilometer you can see the mass of water swirling over the waterfall. When you stand on the waterfall and look down, you will see only the water that falls down, splashes over the rocky canyon walls and swims in the air. Feel the power with which water flows outs in the vibration surrounding the Detiffoss rock. This is a real power of nature it could supply 100 000 cities with energy! add this on your list of reasons why you should visit Myvatn.

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