Iceland has become a very popular destination in the recent years and the tourism has grown considerably in the past 15 years. Icelanders are gay friendly, the first gay organization was founded in the early 80s, the new generation was then able to walk very happy and freely through the streets with this new and fresh mentality. Before the 80s a gay life was all about isolation and restraining yourself from your own identity. The older generation did not happen to understand the gay life, they were insular. There were underground and private bars.

As time went by, the population started getting more aware about their situation. Societal attitudes toward homosexuality is totally normal. Nowadays Iceland is on the top list as one of the most gay friendly countries in the world. Gay life in Iceland is just as easy as for anyone else. Iceland allowed same-sex marriage in 2010, the 100% of Iceland´s population voted the measure.

Actually there are two big festivals, the Reykjavik Gay Pride and the Rainbow Reykjavik festival.

Reykjavik Gay Pride

It is the most important event, people of all ages and gender gather together to have fun showing solidarity with the LGBT community. It is a six day festival that takes place in the summertime, people come together to enjoy the gay life, freedom with all type of events like live concerts, parties, art galleries, etc.

Rainbow Reykjavik Festival

It is the Winter pride that offers many events like activities, live music, gastronomy and parties. First timers will see that you read before, Iceland is very gay friendly, there is even a tour operator whose workfield is only for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender clientele, its name is Pink Iceland.

Pink Iceland offers interesting gay tour packages around Iceland, party planners, guides. They are also wedding planners, basically, their goal is to make your wedding unforgettable. They have very good reviews, and they are local, so I am sure they will show you the best spots and they will give you the best tips to enjoy the country. This tour operator is responsible for the Rainbow Reykjavik Festival.

If you feel like having some fun and enjoying Iceland´s nightlife, here you have some list of things to not miss:

Kiki Queer:

This one is not an easy task! it is hard to find for visitors but not impossible. It is on Laugavegur, 22, just put it in your GPS! The bar is a very fun place and its window frame comes with different colors. The entrance there is a hanging LGBT flag. It has a dance floor, the music they play are today’s hits and popular gay songs. Icelanders usually party late, so going out at 1 a.m. is perfect, there is no one before midnight.

gay life

Gay Life in Iceland – We Welcome Anyone and Everyone!


This is a gay friendly bar situated in Reykjavik City. It is a lovely bar with live music and free comedy shows. Moreover, they also have LGBT events like Drag-Súgur. There are performances every month.

Iceland is a very friendly country to the gay life, with cool places and events. The population in Iceland is not very big, however it is mainly active and open to the gay scene.

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