Top New Iceland Attractions – More to Discover!

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If you are now a frequent reader of our blog or you just happen to be researching a lot about Iceland lately, you probably already know about the main attractions, most well-known sightseeing places and must do while in Iceland. In this top new Iceland attractions post, we want to get a little bit off the beaten track and provide you information about those new great stuff that you should check. Sounds good to you? Then keep on reading!

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Iceland is a wild country full of nature wonders people should visit at least once in a lifetime. These marvelous things are nature masterpieces and therefore we can barely consider them “new” (maybe in geological terms but we are not getting on a technical roll here). It does not mean they are less attractive, of course not. We just want to focus on those Iceland attractions that despite of being new, are totally worth checking:

Imagine Peace Tower

This is probably a lovely stop for any Beatle lover. It dates from 2007 but not many travelers know about its existence.

The tower is a memorial to John Lennon as a tribute from his widow, Yoko Ono. Regardless of your taste in music, I do think the tower is a beautiful piece of art anyone can enjoy at night. The tower consists of reflecting columns of light that reach up to 4000 meters.

Be sure to check it when it is lit up. You would need to head to Kollafjorour Bay, Videy Island which is in Reykjavik.


Elf School in Icelandic. Even though is not exactly brand new, its new found glory is exponentially growing lately.

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If you are a folklore lover and wish to deepen your knowledge about Icelandic culture, this would be the place to go. It is shocking for some people to know that in recent surveys, almost 30% of Icelanders do believe in elves. This is not something to joke about and we Icelanders take this quite seriously.

The school offers a 5 hours course for travelers to learn and master their experience on dwarfs, Trolls, Fairies and gnomes. You will even get a diploma! The school is located in Reykjavik, so if you wish to learn everything about our 13 types of elves, you should give these new Iceland attractions a go!


Reykjavik’s concert hall was built in 2011. There was a huge fuss about its construction because of its planning in the midst of a deep economic crisis. Many banks and enterprises collapsed and there were not any bailout, there was a dangerous state in economic terms.

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Top New Iceland Attractions – More to Discover!

The Concert Hall was built once the economy in Iceland recovered. From all the new Iceland attractions, it basically became a symbol and a reference of the capital of Iceland. Harpa holds many expositions, concerts, opera and art programs for everyone, locals and visitors, to enjoy. You do not have to come in and enjoy a show to also enjoy Harpa, you can just take a look from the outside to its amazing metal structure by the harbor of Reykjavik.

Now you have even more options to add to your travel plan! There are no excuses now…

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