The Do´s and Don’ts of Driving in Iceland

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The best way to explore Iceland is driving. My country has the perfect landscape where the main attraction are the waterfalls, glaciers, icebergs, the farmland and the volcanic scenery. Also, it is very lovely driving past the typical Icelandic horses and sheep. Welcome to the Do´s and Don’ts of Driving in Iceland.

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A car, campervan or motorhome is a must if you are visiting Iceland, but you have to be aware of the do’s and dont’s of driving in this country. Driving in Iceland during the Summer and Winter time is totally different. The weather is the principal factor of why some roads close.

Driving Iceland

In Winter most mountain roads like the F roads are closed. These roads are usually narrow, muddy and difficult to drive.

The weather is very unpredictable, but Iceland is usually rainy, windy, cold and dark. That is why it is very important to keep yourself updated, sometimes road authorities shut some routes because of storms and wind. It would be very nice to consider official websites for road conditions.

Summers are mild, and much easier to drive through, that is the reason why F roads open, but you will need a 4×4. You can find a post in this blog with a list of companies that have competitive rates and are very professional.

Here I will post some do´s and don´ts of driving in this wonderful country:

Driving Iceland


  • Hire the appropriate vehicle: depending on the season and plans, hire the car the suits you better. You might visit Iceland once in your life, so sometimes spending a bit more money can permit you to extend your plans. For example: If you visit Iceland in summer, I would hire a 4wd vehicle to have the possibility to drive through F roads and gravel roads.
  • Check the road condition and weather forecast before starting the day: Some roads usually close, it would be a waste of time if you do not consider it. It could even change your plans of the day.
  • Carry your own emergency and useful kit: Carry a map and GPS: you never know if the GPS is going to stop working, it is good to carry a map just in case. I would also leave in the trunk a bag of clean and dry extra clothes, a blanket and your mobile charger.
  • Consider the law: Wear seat belts, respect the speed limit and all the traffic signals.

Driving Iceland

The Do´s and Don’ts of Driving in Iceland


  • Do not drive off road: Keep on the roads, you might not be able to keep on driving and can get stuck in the mud. There are gravel in most part of Iceland.
  • Do not drive overtime taking advantage of the continuous day light in Summer, you can easily fall asleep or get tired. You should rest at least 8 hours per day and of course stretch your legs every certain hours and if you are traveling with friends, taking turns driving is a marvelous idea.
  • Do not forget to have your fuel tank filled up considerably: There are fuel cards you can obtain at your hotel or at your car rental office. You would get nice discounts. There are great sites to get information about gas prices.

The most important thing to consider while Driving in Iceland is to do it safely and have fun in Iceland!

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