Parking in Reykjavik – No More Tickets!

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This is probably one of the most useful and requested post ever created in our Blog. Parking in Reykjavik can be consider a frequently asked question by any resident or local of this city. Having a growing demand and tourist visitors every year, the need of finding a parking spot has also grown exponentially, and even more if we refer to free parking spots.

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Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and as a low populated country, it is not as packed up as you would expect other capitals to be. It does not mean that you will have free rein to park anywhere and everywhere. There are certain rules to follow when parking in Reykjavik, demarcated areas with different prices and schedules and of course those that do not require a dime from your pocket!

If you want to avoid getting fined or discover those highly requested free areas, then stick with us. So let’s get to the point!

Downtown Reykjavik

How do you know you are in this area? Well, any address whose postal code is “101” is within the city’s downtown limits. Most important streets such us Laugavegur are located in this area as well as many of the main touristic attractions and monuments. I would even say the center of this area is marked by the Hallgrimskirkja church.

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Parking areas are divided by numbers and colors. There is a total of 4 parking areas:

P1: Red and pink, P2: Blue, P3: Green, P4: Orange.

When parking in Reykjavik, try to find the area you are in as this will make a difference on the price you pay per hour. You can do so by checking the “P” street signs located usually at the beginning or the end of the street. This also can be found in the meter parking machine. It will show the parking are you are currently in. The closer you are to Laugavegur main street, the price per hour will be more expensive.

P1 is the most expensive with a rate of 250 ISK approximately per hour.

P2: 125 ISK per hour.

P3: 90 ISK per hour.

P4: 125 ISK per hour. But it is only applied on working days.

So, where is the free parking then?

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Parking in Reykjavik – No More Tickets!

If you are looking for free parking in this area, be ready to plead to Odin for a free spot. If you do not see any “P” sign in the street, then it means you do not have to pay a rate per hour for parking your vehicle.

Free parking is easier to find at areas such as the University of Iceland or the furthest you are from the city’s downtown…but oh well, beggars cannot be choosers.

Be sure to check also if your guesthouse of hotel come with free parking included in its price. Some of them do and this will definitely lift a weight off.

Payment methods

We have two types of parking machines: old school coin-operated parking meter. The same type you can find in countries like the USA that you just insert quarters in. And of course the modern ones with display screens that do accept credit and debit cards as well.

It is indeed a good idea to keep some Icelandic króna with you in case you have to use the old school type meters.

Now you know how to deal with parking in Reykjavik! No surprises, no fines!

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