Car Rental Akureyri, How to Get the Most of Your Road Trip

Car Rental Akureyri

This has been one of our most requested topics. Even the subject about car rentals, in general, are some of our most visited articles. It is not hard to understand at all, as we totally get that traveling in your own rental vehicle offers such freedom that people really love this option to get to know Iceland in detail. Today, we will talk about car rental in Akureyri.

Car Rental Akureyri

Akureyri is also known as the capital of the north. It lies right by the Eyjafjördur fiord and not only the views but the city itself is just amazing. The location of the city is something you should take into account when renting a vehicle. Same applies to the time of the year you decide to visit Iceland.

The city is reachable by using the road N1 or Ring road. In summer, and if you are sticking to this road, a 2WD vehicle will do. If you are not coming in summer, regardless the roads you plan to take, a 4×4 is highly advisable.

Why is that so? Well, weather conditions in the north of Iceland is usually tougher than it is in the south. It is true that the Ring Road (Road N1) is constantly being cleared and snow removal is not a problem but weather can suddenly worsen. Having a 4×4 vehicle will be a better option if you need to get out of any pile of snow or mud.

Another reason is that in the area surrounding Akureyri, there are some F-roads that would take you to amazing places in the fjord. I guess no one would like to miss them! If you have not read any of our road or car rental posts, then be aware that to drive on any F-road, 4×4 vehicles are a must.

Car Rental Akureyri

It is true that car rental offices in Akureyri are a bit more limited than the offer available in Reykjavik, but I am sure you would still be able to find what you are looking for. There are many companies, even local ones, that offer their service in this area. Some of these are:

  • Akureyri Rent a Car
  • Cars Iceland
  • Höldur / Europcar
  • Avis bílaleiga

Just like in any other rental, be sure to check the conditions, insurance included, and terms stated in the contract given by the service provider.

Besides the Capital of the North, be sure not to miss:


Or “The fall of the Gods” it one of Iceland’s most impressive waterfall.  It is not only important for its spectacular landscape but also because it is linked to Iceland’s history. In the year 1000, Christianity became the official religion of Iceland. The lawman Þorgeir Ljósvetningagoði declared the new religion status right here and threw the old Norse gods’ statues off the waterfall.


This is a memorial museum for Reverend Jón Sveinsson. Nowadays is one of the city’s oldest building, it dates from 1850. Once you get inside, you will get an idea how the life in Iceland was back in the century.

Car Rental Akureyri

Laufás Turf houses

These are typical Icelandic houses. Sadly, people no longer live in them anymore. These old farmhouses are covered with grassy roofs; they sort of look like a hobbit house.  This type of building has been around since the first settlements took place in Iceland, about a thousand years ago.

Car Rental in Akureyri: How to Get the Most of Your Road Trip

Now you know! Get your car rental in Akureyri and head off to visit this wonderful city and amazing historical sights, they will for sure tell you a deep story about our roots and culture.

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