All You Need to Know About Renting Camping Equipment in Iceland

Camping Gear Is Available For Rent In Reykjavik

Camping in Iceland is a popular way to see the country. On a Scandinavian island famous for its high prices, people are looking to save money any way they can. Opting out of a hotel and setting up a tent or using a campervan or motorhome and one of Iceland’s over 200 campgrounds is an economical way to explore Iceland. One of the big questions for people camping in Iceland is whether they should rent camping gear here or bring their own. There’s a thriving camping equipment rental community in Iceland, and there are several stores to meet your camping gear needs. You could lug all of your stuff to the airport and carry it around the island with you, but it’s much easier and more convenient to rent.

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Renting Camping Gear In Iceland Is Easy And Convenient

Advantages of Renting Camping Gear in Iceland

The two most obvious advantages of renting camping gear in Iceland are that you’ll save yourself the extra hassle of having to schlep all of your things with you and you get to avoid paying extra baggage fees at the airport.

Something you may not have thought of is the gear itself. Even the most seasoned camper might not have the right equipment for Iceland. Let’s say you regularly head out into the wilderness and pitch your tent among the pines. You’ve got your trustworthy, weathered tent that has stood the test of time. But here’s the problem. Iceland is different in many regards, and its extreme climate means that your trusty tent may not be up to facing Icelandic elements. Many times people who bring their own equipment to Iceland carry a lightweight, flimsy tent with them. Just the wind alone can ruin your efforts to put your tent up (and keep it up)!

The standard for rental tents in Iceland are four season tents. They are capable of withstanding not only the wind but also the snow and other weather conditions that Mother Nature might throw at you. The staff at camping equipment rental stores in places like Reykjavik not only have to proper gear, but they are equipped with the knowledge to provide you with the perfect equipment to meet your camping needs.

Equipment Available at Camping Gear Rental Stores

So speaking of equipment, what exactly do gear rental stores in Reykjavik have to offer? Pretty much everything under the sun. They’ve got every item you could possibly think of, and maybe even a few you haven’t. What do they have on offer?

  • A large selection of high-quality tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats
  • Camping stoves, gas canisters, cooking equipment, coolers
  • Maps of Iceland, GPS and navigation systems
  • A WiFi hotspot, 4G network, cell phones
  • Camping tables and chairs
  • Hiking and trekking equipment like compasses, binoculars, first aid kits
  • Accessories such as coffee makers, portable USB chargers, hand warmers, walkie-talkies, Bluetooth speakers, blankets, and more

The list goes on! Check out company websites like to see what they have on offer and get inspired for your trip.

Camping Stoves Are One Of The Hundreds Of Items Available

Pickup and Drop Off of Gear

Something important to note is that camping season in Iceland runs from May 1st to October 1st. It’s when the majority of the country’s campsites are open. If you want to camp outside of these times, make sure you’ve contacted your camping rental equipment provider in advance to ensure that you’re able to pick up and drop off your get when their stores are open or make other arrangements. Pickup and drop off are available 24/7 all year round for certain stores, you’ll just need to coordinate with them rather than being able to walk right into the store like you would during high season.

Cancellation Policy and Reserving Camping Equipment Rental in Advance

It’s a good idea to peruse the websites of the store you choose to rent from and speak with representatives in order to make your selection in advance. Reserving your equipment before you arrive gives you peace of mind in knowing they won’t be out of a specific item you want. They’ve got plenty of items, so with at least 48 hours, they should be able to provide what you need. If you’ve reserved earlier, the standard is to give at least three days’ notice for any cancellations. Most places don’t require you to pay a deposit

Best Camping Gear Rental Stores in Reykjavik

There are actually several providers to choose from. Camping in Iceland is very popular, and as a result, there are different types of stores to meet every budget and need. I assume you’ll be starting your trip in the capital, so here are some of the best camping equipment rental stores in Reykjavik.

Iceland Camping Equipment Rental

ICER is my top choice for rental gear. They’ve got a comprehensive website with a wide selection of high-quality products. You’ll find the store for these leaders in camping equipment rental right in the heart of downtown Reykjavik at Barónsstígur street, number 5.


As you can tell by their name, Rent-a-Tent specializes in all different types of camping tents. They offer competitive prices on their wide range of products. They also offer other items in addition to tents for camping. They are located around a 10-15 minute drive from Reykjavik.

The Best Camping Rental Stores In Reykjavik Offer A Wide Selection Of Gear


This is a more high-end camping store that offers some options for renting. If you choose to rent rather than buy, be aware that you’ll have to pick up and drop off your gear 11km (6.8 miles) away from their downtown location at Hverfisgata street, 82. You also can’t rent on the weekend. Some of the brands they sell include Marmot, Scarpa, Jetboil, and Black Diamond.

There are some other stores that offer camping equipment, but only on sale. Outdoor gear is sold at Ellingsen, Everest, Útilíf, Alparnir. Some specialize in clothing and equipment.

Unfortunately, Gangleri Outfitters, which was a popular option, is permanently closed.

All You Need to Know About Renting Camping Equipment in Iceland

So hopefully this little guide has answered all of your questions. Specific inquiries about opening hours of stores, pick up and drop off, equipment availability, etc. should be directed towards the stores themselves. Renting your equipment is a great option for Iceland. Enjoy your trip and let us know how it goes.

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