Where to Get Cheap Food in Reykjavik – Keeping a Tight Budget

Fast Food Is Always Cheap Food But Not Always Recommended

While traveling abroad, there are many costs to consider. Apart from the costs of flights, tours and accommodation, you also need to think about your meals. You are not at home anymore. You don’t have a kitchen where you can prepare any meal you like. If you are traveling by campervan, maybe there’s an evening where you’d like to have a nice meal in a restaurant. It’s your vacation and you would like to treat yourself with a nice and expensive meal not looking at the price for once. However, most of us travel with a limited budget and so this doesn’t happen too often. After all, when you come back home there are still bills to pay! Well, cheap food can also be yummy and delicious. Here you have some great options!

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Piggy Bank For Saving Money, Buying Cheap Food Is A Great Way To Do So

To be honest, Iceland is not the cheapest country in terms of food and accommodation. Some might think that in order to go there, you need to win the lottery first or simply rob a bank (we don’t recommend this). We are experts in disproving the myths and will show you that you can have cheap and proper meals in Reykjavik. Let’s have a look where to get cheap food in Reykjavik.

Nonna Biti

This place offers sandwiches for less than 1000 ISK. It is the perfect place for a quick lunch or just to get some nibbles for your hike. For those who plan to party on Saturday night, this is definitely one of your stops in the evening to get some food and keep your energy levels up.

The Deli

This is actually an Italian restaurant. They have pizzas, paninis and some delicious pasta on the menu. It’s a good choice for lunch with the whole family where you can get a cheap yet tasty food. The herbs used in this restaurants are grown by the owner in his own home garden. There’s nothing better than fresh basil on top of your pizza or pasta, right?

Delicious And Cheap Food In A Restaurant In Iceland

Viking Kebab

This place is a bit hidden but definitely should be your favorite place if you are a fan of kebabs. It is run by a very friendly Polish family and they are very good at what they do. Prices are very pocket-friendly and the food is fresh and tasty. They give you value even though it is a fast food place. You should visit this place especially when you are very hungry as the portions are quite big. Cheap food, great taste!

Noodle Station

As the name implies, this place offers noodles. You can get a noodle soup for 1640 ISK. There isn’t a large selection as there is usually either chicken or beef noodle soup on the menu. Look on the bright side, it makes your choice easier! This place is really cheap when compared to other places. It wasn’t a well-known place before and now it is a must on traveler’s to do lists. It has become one of the most popular fast food locations in Reykjavik. The location is very convenient as it is located in the center on Laugavegur street. We recommend popping in to taste their delicious soups on a cold, rainy day.

Noodles Are A Cheap Food Option To Have In Iceland Yet A Yummy One

Where to Get Cheap Food in Reykjavik – Keeping a Tight Budget


This is a perfect place for a dessert after seeing and doing everything. This Belgian spot offers waffles under 1000 ISK. You will absolutely love them! You can add toppings as you like and postpone your diet for next year!


Who doesn’t know subway right? That is a perfect place when you don’t have much time but wish to have something warm to eat. Create your sandwich from scratch and add any ingredients, some fries and even a cookie for a desert. Bon appetit!

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