Camping in Iceland: Best Campsites in Iceland

Camping In Iceland

From day to day the number of tourists hypnotized by camping constantly grows. No wonder since traveling with a camper or motorhome has nothing to do with the old way of camping. Nowadays, camping in Iceland changed beyond recognition in terms of standards offered. Now, you rent a car, a great plan for the journey of your life and the only thing you need to think of now is to choose between the best campsites in Iceland.

Best car rental in Iceland

In order to make your life easier, we chose for your 5 best camping in Iceland:


Camping In Iceland

Grindavik campsite was opened in 2009 and it’s located at Austurvegur 26.

This is a perfect place for RVs and campers and has everything you need. One of the reason why it is the best camping in Iceland is its convenient location. It’s very close to the airport so in case you have an early flight and want to get rest before your journey- here you go!

You can as well use a washing machine and the station to refill your water tanks.

You can find here hot showers, flash toilets, sink with running water and kitchenette where you can prepare your own meal.

Moreover, you can find here the playground for your kids so they do not get bored at no time. This camp operates with free internet free to use for its visitors.

The Egilsstaðir is located in the heart of the city. It lays in the valley which gives a natural shelter. It offers such services as full services kitchen washing machines, hot showers and toilets. You can have a rest among beautiful nature and in the evening have a barbecue while your children are playing on the playground. This is definitely one of the best campsite in Iceland.

Ásbyrgi, The shelter of Gods, located in Vatnajökull National Park is a perfect place to stay not only for the RV’s facilities. The location gives you excellent walking and hiking opportunities. Nearby you can also find informative visitors center, small shops and golf course. The landsapes of Ásbyrgi are breathtaking.

Camping In Iceland

Camping in Iceland

Skaftafell. This camping ground is definitely one of the best campsites in Iceland. It is located near the entrance to the Visitor Center of Skaftafell. It gives an opportunity of trekking.

The campsite on its own is quite large with good quality services, hot showers and toilets with good value for money. It is very well maintained. There is a part for the tens as well and all covered with the fence of blush which gives shelter from the wind.

Camping In Iceland

Þakgil. This camping is located in a lovely valley. As it is surrounded by mountains, it shelters from the strong wind. You can find here a dining room inside the cave which gives it a distinctive mood. You can find there tables chairs and a barbeque. The camping is rather small so you should consider making your booking in advance.

It provides you with all the necessary services like toilets showers, electricity and waste disposal for motorhomes. You can find there many walking paths and the scenes are simply breath-taking.

Camping In Iceland

Those are just 5 which I see as the best campsites in Iceland however there Is many more.

While choosing the campsite you should always remember to check a few things like the location and the access to the camping. Some of the campings require a 4wd vehicle. The important thing is the services offered and also a need to book a place in advance especially during the high peak. The other important thing is the scenery of the campsite as it is very important for you to rest and chill out among beautiful landscapes.

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