Borgarnes – All the Way Through the West of Iceland


Iceland is indeed a big island in comparison to its inhabitants. The fact that our land is scarcely populated does not mean there are several cities, towns or villages that are worth visiting. That is why this time we are traveling all the way to the west of Iceland to visit Borgarnes.

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Borgarnes had its city rights in 1867 and is close to the road N1 and it is 60 km away to the west of Iceland from Reykjavik. but why is it so interesting to us? Well, the city lies in the Borgarfjörður and we can consider it the dividing point between the south and the north of the west of Iceland. First settlers of the area called the fjord the “green beauty” because of the gorgeous meadows, the overgrown grass and scrubs covering the whole place. Hot springs and the wonderful vegetation attracted the mentions settlers but sadly is not as exuberant as it used to be in the past.


Do not get me wrong, there are still grass covering the hills but Borgarnes is currently a well-developed industrial and commercial city. Despite its 1.800 inhabitant, the city manages to keep the trade alive with many other cities and villages of Iceland.  This glorious present does not shade an even more glorious past. Borganes first settler was Skallagrím Kveldulfsson, the hero of the Saga of Egil back to the 851-934 BC. Impressive, right?

Borgarnes has become a busy hectic city, as busy a 1.800 inhabitant’s city can get, of course. This is due to the fact that the Ring Road or N1 crosses the city. Many hungry and tired travelers going from Reykjavik to Akureyri use Borganes and their first stop in the west of Iceland.  If this is also your plan, here you have many options on what to do and where to stay while in Borgarnes.

Where to Stay:

  1. Hótel Borgarnes

Located just 200 meters away from the fjord, you will be able to enjoy amazing views from your room. It is also within walking distance of the Brakarey Island. This hotel offers rooms with private bathroom and free WIFI connection.


  1. Borgarnes Cozy Apartment

If you prefer to do things your way and prefer to stay in an apartment instead of a hotel, this is your best option. Private parking, free WIFI connection and the great location of this accommodation makes it a favorite for the travelers.

  1. Helgugata

This hostel with shared bathroom not only offers great views to the mountains but also several activities such as gold, hiking and trekking.

Where to eat:

  1. The Settlement Center Restaurant

This is a great place to fill up your tummy after a long trip! Traditional Icelandic food is available and if we consider de price with other places around, we can say it is a good deal. Do not forget to request the local beer!


Borgarnes – All the Way Through the West of Iceland 

  1. Ok Bistro

Do you fancy something modern and fancy? Then the Ok Bistro is the place to go. It is located in a business building with views to the fjords of the west of Iceland. Fresh fish and ingredients are a must here and you can choose between a tapas style dish of a large course.

  1. Englendingavík

This is a combo. It is a casual café in Borgarnes on a dock with views to the waterfront. Here you can have full meals but also cakes and bakery goods. Who would not fancy a cup of coffee and dessert after the main dish? Price ranges between 2450-4500 ISK.

What to do:

Hiking, Trekking activities are available in the area. You can also check the Borgarnes Museum or head to the Ljómalind Farmers Market where you can find handmade Icelandic souvenirs.

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