Sundlaug Akureyrar – The Best Swimming Pool in Iceland for Children

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Swimming pools in Iceland are rather cheap and more popular than hot- dogs’ booths. The tickets cost around 500-600 ISK and your entrance is valid for the whole day. Icelandic use swimming pools all year long, it doesn’t matter if it’s cold outside. Swimming pools are a great attraction when traveling with kids. The Sundlaug Akureyrar is definitely the best swimming pool in Iceland for children.

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Swimming Pool

Swimming pool for children is definitely fun but we need to also remember about the great influence on health!  Swimming belongs to the same group of physical activity as running or cycling. It is aerobic training in which your muscles receive a high dose of oxygen necessary to burn energy stocks. So we have a bit of health and exercise associated with fun, what can be better?

The swimming pool is open every day from Monday till Friday from 6:45 am until 21:00pm and on weekends from 8:00am till 19:30pm. The entrance pass costs 900 ISk per adult, 250 ISK for seniors and 0 ISK for children 0-5 years old.

I know exactly what is the first thing you thought of! Yes, it is true that in the Icelandic swimming pools, etiquette dictates you have to shower naked before entering the swimming pool. I usually do not have lockable cabins. You have to hide the embarrassment in your pocket and behave just like everyone else. In the dressing rooms are posters with the silhouette of the man and points to be thoroughly washed – if anyone had doubts. There is also information, among others.

Swimming Pool

The playing area is separate from the swimming lanes so you do not need to worry one of each other. If you come to play, no concern you will disturb the other who come to take swimming session only. You will find here lots of waterfalls and fountains which makes it really attractive for your kids.

The biggest attraction with no doubt are the two slides installed in the pool. The yellow one is definitely more adventurous where you can slide side by side which adds much more fun! This is the main reason why it is the best swimming pool for children. There is much fun you can have as a family.

While the kids are playing and having a great time, adults can meanwhile enjoy their time and get some relax in the hot pots. Those are quite deep comparing to other available in Iceland and very cozy, giving some privacy as well. You will find few of them on different temperature. The steam sauna is also available in here.

Swimming Pool

Sundlaug Akureyrar – The Best Swimming Pool in Iceland for Children

You need to always remember about the safety of your kids, which is very important especially when the swimming pool becomes crowded. Children must have swim gowns and always be supervised by an adult. Please do not let your children run and jump in there as the wet floor is slippery and might cause an accident.

Sundlaug Akureyrar is a paradise for families. Even if the weather is not as you wish to be, you can definitely spend some time in here. All the pools are conditioned and when the temperature outside falls, the water temperature is adjusted automatically. You can stay here till late and take a dip!

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