Reykjavik to Akureyri: An unforgettable journey

Reykjavik To Akureyri

From Reykjavik to Akureyri: Today we will be talking about a frequently asked question: If I only have time for visiting Reykjavik and Akureyri, what should I see? This is what we recommend to you. Bear in mind that, although this is a ride to be done in a day, it is going to be extremely intense!

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Reykjavik To Akureyri

1.   From Reykjavik to Glymur-Bogarnes

After driving for an hour on our way to Akureyri, we recommend you to stop in Glymur. This waterfall is the second highest waterfall of Iceland. Be prepared for a demanding trekking route, as it will take you around 2 hours on foot. Not a suitable route for those ones that suffer of dizziness!

Bogarnes is a small yet historical city, since its name appears in Egils’ Icelandic Sagas, written before the XIX century. Although it is known for being an industrial town, do not miss the chance to visit The Settlement Centre, as well as their well-known church.

Reykjavik To Akureyri

2.  Deildartunguhver – Hraunfossar- Barnafoss

We recommend you to take a rest when arriving in Deildartunguhver. Even if it is not a popular place, it is worth saying that here you will find the most powerful hot spring in Europe. The water comes from the inside at 100 degrees Celsius (boiling water).

Taking our way up to Barnafoss, we find Hraunfossar, which is a waterfall as curious as wonderful: the water flows along thousands of small courses formed by petrified lava. This lava came out from the Langjökull during one of its eruptions, creating this lava field.

Barnafoss, named “The children’s waterfall” deserves this name due to a tale. It says that there was a family living near the waterfall. The Christmas Day, their parents went to mass and the children were at home, but they decided to go to the mass as well, so they took the waterfall’s bridge, but when they were crossing, something terrible happened: they fell and died. Fortunately, the bridge was destroyed due to an earthquake so this has never happened again.

Reykjavik To Akureyri

3.   From Barnafoss to Grábrók

Leaving Barnafoss in order to get from Reykjavik to Akureyri, there is another nature wonder that may seem hidden, but we do not recommend you just passing by J Park your car at the parking you will find close to the main road; there is a short way to these three craters, all of them named Grábrók. These ones were recognised as a Natural Monument in 1962, since 3400 years ago, litres and litres of lava came out from, forming a 7-kilometre lava field. We highly recommend you to climb up the biggest one and enjoy the view!

Reykjavik To Akureyri

4.   Hvammstangi

Driving along Road 1, Hvammstangi deserves a stop. Even though it is a small town, it is quite easy to see some seals here! That is why we believe you should take a rest here and wait for themJ. There is another nature gift very close to Hvammstangi and Laugarbakki, two small waterfalls in Kolugljúfur, where the earth’s crust shows up again.

Reykjavik to Akureyri: Do not forget Hvítserkur!

5.   Blönduós – Hofsós

When arriving in this small town, we suggest taking a glance at their modern and incredible new church; it was built and designed following the surrounding mountains and their harmony. As soon as you depart in your way to Hofsós, take a rest and visit the Glambær Museum.

In my opinion, Hofsós pool is worth visiting. A lot of people say, and I totally agree with them, that this is the most beautiful pool in Iceland, and it completely deserves such prestige! You will be able to see the island of Drangey on a clear day while taking a relaxing bath. A tip: it was designed by the same person who designed the Blue Lagoon pool, which is near to Reykjavik.

Reykjavik To Akureyri

6.  Akureyri

After these awesome stops, you will finally arrive in Akureyri! Enjoy this wonderful and historical city, as known as “the Capital of the North”. Enjoy from Reykjavik to Akureyri!

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