Work in Iceland – How To Find a Job in Iceland

Work In Iceland

This Nordic island is not only popular among the tourists. There are also many workers that feel attracted to it for the possibility of work. The Icelandic labor market is, in comparison to many other European countries, more relaxed. Iceland is a good place to find new job opportunities. If you want to work in Iceland, you will be able to find all the info you need with this article!

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Work In Iceland

Living in Iceland

If you are planning to move to Iceland in order to work you should know that the registration in the civil registry of Iceland is necessary for all the EU citizens. It is to be done through A262 form, if your visit in the country excedes 3 months.

If you are not the citizen of European unión and you wish to set up in Iceland you need to apply for the residence permit before getting to the Immigration office of Iceland. Through this website, you are also able to find out about your rights and social benefits.

Some European Union citizens may need to obtain the European Health Card (EHIC) from the country of their origin. But if you’ve already worked in an EU country for more than six months, you can just transfer your rights and have immediate coverage in Iceland.

For more information please visit the Social Insurance Administration website.

Working in Iceland

The reference website with the information on the work in Iceland is the “Directorate of Labor” of the Icelandic Government. We should first analyze the booming sectors where labour is needed and to know where your chances to find a job are higher.

Iceland is a country with a GDP per capita higher tan any other European country even though it is much smaller comparing with the others. The services sectors employs more than 75% of the acvtive population and generates over two-thirds of the country’s wealth.

It is worth to point out that in the industry sector, 5% of the emploees are engaged in fishing thereby forming most of the other third of the counry’s GDP. The other 20% are working in the industry in various sectors suchas: aluminium, chemicals, pharmacy, geotermal engineering, orthopedics, IT etc.

The fishing sector has historically become the backbone of Iceland’s economy.

However, this sector is losing strength these years in favor of tourism. Iceland is rich in marine and energy resources. 100% of the electicity here is generated from the renewable sources: 75% of hydropower and 25% of geotermal energy.

Nowadays, after the financial crisis of 2008, the rate of unemployment in Iceland practically does not exist.
The deal in Icelandic companies, regardless of their size, is very similar.

Icelandic companies in general have an horizontal organizational structure, being the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and senior managers quite accessible by employees with a lower economic level.

Job Search Websites in Iceland

Here you can find some useful websites where you can find a lot of job offers in Iceland.

  1. XpatJobs
  2. Iceland Recruitment
  3. Northstack Jobs
  4. Visir
  6. Capacent
  7. Reykjavik City Council
  8. MBL
  9. Ninukot

Work In Iceland

Work in Iceland

Other job opportunities in Iceland

Other ways of working in Iceland which are lately discovering some stories of abuse and exploitation is through volunteering.

We should warn you that in case you wish to choose this option. Leave in writing clearly your work conditions before the commence. There are cases where small family businesses working in tourism or agriculture are taking advantage of volunteers to generate good business at a very low cost. This is done by extending working hours, not meeting the agreed conditions and offering the places to live for their workers of dubious quality.

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