When coming to Iceland, we need to be aware of the type of traveling we would like to have. The country is full of nature wonders and spots that are worth sightseeing. In our personal opinion as Icelanders, we think having your own vehicle is the most economical and time saving way to do so. Many do not know you can Rent A Car At Iceland Keflavik Airport, so let us inform all of them!

Rent A Car At Iceland Keflavik

The first thing we need to clarify is that Keflavik Airport is the international one. Located at about 50 km away from Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland. It is important because many people tend to get confused and say they are flying to Reykjavik Airport. This one (RKV) is actually a domestic one. Unless you are flying from other Icelandic city to Reykjavik, chances are you are arriving at Keflavik Airport (KEF). Be sure to check you flight route planner in order to avoid mistakes.

As we stated before, Keflavik Airport is located in a tiny city with the same name. Located in the south west area of Iceland, it is 50 km away from Reykjavik. This should be a good enough reason to consider renting a car at the airport itself. As many people do not know it is possible, they travel 50 km to Reykjavik to get their car. Afterwards, they undo the way and drive back 50 km to head to the Blue Lagoon or just start their route counter clockwise. With a bit of planning, you can actually save not only time, but money on gas and trips to reach Reykjavik by other means of transportation.

There are many car rental stations, not many inside the actual terminal. Most of them are located in the surrounding parking area. Also, other companies are in the close town area which is quite easy to reach. Even though most accept walk-ins we do not recommend that to Rent A Car At Iceland Keflavik. You might find yourself with the undesired situation of lack of availability. Wasting time visiting one company and find the way to reach the other.

Rent A Car At Iceland Keflavik

Most companies, big ones and local ones, have their website on the internet. This way you can compare between companies. Do so if you want to rent a car at Iceland Keflavik Airport and get the best deal out of fewer bucks. Do not forget that the earlier, the better. Iceland gets quite busy in touristic terms in the high season. It is not surprising to find whole range of vehicles unavailable. Of course, those remaining at a higher rate.

As explained before, companies have different locations within the Keflavik and the airport area. Ask your company their procedure for pick up or drop offs. The local companies we rented with in the past usually have this procedure:

  • Office within the Airport Area: Many of them are within walking distance. As many travellers come with suitcases, another complementary service is available. They offer a free shuttle bus service that departs from outside the arrival hall. It is just like an urban yellow bus and it is called “Car Rental Services”. I remember that it did not take me longer than 5 minutes to get to my rental office.
  • Outside the Airport Area: they are usually located in Keflavik City or the Reykjanesbær area. These companies normally have a shuttle service and pick clients up at the arrival hall. They are usually coming in and going back to the offices. Do not feel forsaken if you do not see them just right after you arrived. Most offices are just about 5 minutes driving distance.

Rent A Car At Iceland Keflavik

Easy Tricks To Rent A Car At Iceland Keflavik Airport

When looking for the best deals online, be sure to check each company’s conditions. Basic requirements I have found are Credit Card, ID or passport and Driver’s license. Not complicated at all!

One you have rent a car at Iceland Keflavik Airport, create your route with this new starting point. Enjoy the freedom that this type of trip provides and of course, enjoy Iceland!

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