Puffins have already become a symbol of Iceland and although their colonies can be found in many corners of the Island, there are places where the Chance to meet them is the greatest. Those unique birds are everywhere, on postcards, T-shirts and posters. You literally can’t leave Iceland without the fridge magnet with an image of a puffin on it. It would be a pity also if you leave without going puffin watching In Iceland.

Puffins Watching In Iceland

This small, about thirty-centimeter bird looks extremely comforting. It has a black ridge, a hood and wings, a white belly and cheeks, bright legs and a characteristic large yellow-orange beak. He uses it to get food which he can hold up tp a dozen at a time.

Puffins Watching In Iceland is often associated with travelling by boat. That probably will not please the ones with seasickness. Fortunately, some of the places where puffins can be found, you can reach by car as well. The boat leaves the port of Reykjavik towards the two islands, Akurey and Lundey where there are puffin habitants. The breeding season of puffins stars in early May.

Puffins Watching In Iceland

Breiðafjörður is another place where puffins can be found. This unusual bay in the west of Iceland is strewn with islands and skerries where are various species of birds like puffins. It is on of the three best places to observe them. We recommend you a cruise from the town of Stykkisholmur to the islands of Porisholmur and Steinaklettar.

Vigur is out next stop on our Puffins Watching In Iceland path. It is one of the best islands by the fjords and a a place where there is a good chance to meet puffins.

The Island of Hafnarholmi is the perfect place for those who dream of a close encounter with puffins. There is really a lot of them there. Tourists can admire the numerous birds from a special hiding place near the port. You can also see puffins in Borgarholmi where you can get by foot or by car.

You can also find puffins on the cape of Ingólfshöfði at the Öræfajökull glacier on Reynisfjall near the Vik and Myrdal bays, and also on the Dyrhólaey peninsula. Dyrhólaey are up to 120 meters high cliffs with a hole inside where you can easily get by car.

Puffins Watching In Iceland

Puffin Watching In Iceland – The Cutest Bird Ever Seen In Iceland

Látrabjarg is a Cliff coast in the Western Fjords, with the cape Bjargtangar – the westernmost part of Europe. This place is very popular among tourists who come to admire the beauty if the nature and mainly due to te huge colonies of birds inhabiting this area- puffins. The birds here make like a carpet with their colorful  feathers. You will walk between the puffins which will not pay much attention to your presence. They perfectly know that they are the stars here. Believe me, many tourists are travelling carrying heavy photographic equipment just to meet tchem. So they are waiting for you maintaining truly Icelandic peace.

Puffins are the most abundant bird in Iceland. There are apporximately 3 million pairs of there birds in Iceland. Puffins are very interesting birds to observe indeed. There are funclubs around the world where puffin lovers sell T-shirts hats mugs etc. with the birds on them. Puffins watching In Iceland became a real attraction! There is definitely no other bird which would be so charming!

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