How to Get Amazing Photos In Iceland: Mobile Photo Tips

Photos In Iceland

The world is changing fast and with it, the way we capture it. In our current society, the way we see and share what is around us is being redefined. We no longer need huge cameras that cost thousand bucks to get an amazing picture. Mobile phones and tiny devices such a Go Pro camera, allows us to capture the moment is the most artsy way possible. Here, we put together some tips to get amazing photos in Iceland.

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Photos In Iceland

Most people that come to Iceland end up with the feeling they visited another planet. Iceland’s amazing nature and landscapes are simply otherworldly. So, how could one refrain from capturing everything we see around us? Truth is, there is so much beauty everywhere, it can be overwhelming. You start taking pictures of everything and anything and end up with some Mmmm…weird pictures, let’s say. It is better to have less pictures but amazing ones than thousand shots of a random rock on the floor. After all, what we aim for is to try to capture what our eyes see, and keep such memory on that photography.

So let’s get those amazing photos in Iceland tips coming!

1. Weather

Quite important, Iceland is very rainy and windy. Photography is all about light, and the weather does affects to a great extent. When taking photos in Iceland, you will not get the same result on a sunny day as you would in a cloudy one. So, take into account some weather conditions you might not have faced before:

  • Be sure your phone is waterproof, if not, bring some phone cases to protect it from the elements. Avoid water getting into the battery and headphones plugs!
  • Bring some lens wipes to clean water off your lenses. You do not want a picture with spots right in the middle!
  • Have a dry wipe to clean the phone’s lens when it gets foggy.

Photos In Iceland

2. Capturing Landscapes

Landscapes will be the focus for our Photos in Iceland. So we need to learn how to provide the star and protagonist treat they all deserve.

  • Identify the subject of your picture: What do you want to capture? Is it the beautiful mountain on the back? Is it the waterfall? A vague picture can make the views miss the main spot. Think about the main object and make it the most important spot in the picture.
  • Frame it: while taking photos in Iceland, you will notice that landscapes are vast and wide. One you have identified the subject of your picture, try to find a good way to frame it. Otherwise, it may end up lost somewhere in a corner of your picture.
  • It is all about light: Play with the shadows, with your own reflection on a river’s water. This can make a photo convey so much emotion! Mobile phones allow us to make a scene much brighter or darker if needed. Learn how to use white balances and exposure. You will be taking photos in Iceland like a pro!

3. Scaling

As an Icelander myself, sometimes I feel bit sad when I see some pictures of a certain Icelandic location on the internet. I think: but it is not that small! it is way bigger and it looks so…tiny. Or vice versa. Knowing how to show the scale of things can cause a huge impact on the viewer.

Photos In Iceland

How to Get Amazing Photos In Iceland: Mobile Photo Tips

  • Use people as a scale reference: It is a huge waterfall? Make your partner pose artistically like a tiny bug in front of a huge powerful waterfall! It will indeed make a difference. Same for apply for tiny objects and places.
  • Use the perspective: position yourself and your camera in a way you can capture the essence of the object. Its real size, its real beauty.

Now that you are a master in mobile photography come and visit us and get the best photos in Iceland. We will love to see them somewhere in the vast internet!

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