Luxury Travel Itinerary in Iceland – Best Destinations and Places to Stay

Luxury Travel In Iceland At Its Best: The Northern Lights Over The Blue Lagoon

Are you looking for an unforgettable yet comfortable vacation in Iceland? Maybe adventure travel isn’t exactly your scene. What you’re actually looking for is experiencing the wildness and uniqueness of Iceland’s nature without giving up on any comforts. Don’t worry, we’re ready for all kinds of visitors, including those interested in luxury travel in Iceland. As a country with a highly-developed tourism sector, we have something for everyone. Some people simply do not want to struggle with finding a campsite for the night. If you are fed up with everything and just want to relax and feel a bit spoiled, here are some ideas for activities and accommodation for luxury travel in Iceland.

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Luxury Travel In Iceland Includes A Stop At Vik'S Beaches

Luxury Accommodation in Reykjavik: The Black Pearl Apartment Hotel

This first stop in your luxury Iceland trip will take you to another level. Located right in the heart of downtown Reykjavik, the Black Pearl apartments offer a wide range of different services and amenities. From childcare to tourist information and hairdressing, their facilities and comforts will make your stay a real pleasure. These luxurious apartments consist of a total of 16 suites, and each one is complemented by a rich and different design that includes a kitchen and a terrace. What a great first stop for your amazing trip!

Iceland Luxury Travel Activity: A Helicopter Tour in the Westfjords

The most amazing alternative to the regular trip through the gorgeous Westfjords has come: a helicopter tour! If you have very little time to spend in this part of the country, this is a great option, so go for it! Unlike many of Iceland’s top sights, the Westfjords are not directly accessible directly from the Ring Road. For this reason, this beautiful part of the country is commonly ignored by first-time visitors. This forgotten, almost uninhabited land where cliffs shape the coastline is the perfect spot for wildlife to thrive. By helicopter, you will be able to witness hundreds of small islands, the Drangjökull glacier, the Hornstrtandir Nature Reserve, and the westernmost point of Europe, Látrabjarg. The Látrabjarg cliffs are also where you’ll see Icelandic puffin colonies in the summer.

Luxury Accommodation in Akureyri: Hotel Kea by Keahotels

Akureyri, also known as the Capital of the North, is a small city, but full of colors and life. It’s perfect for spending a day after the helicopter tour. You can visit the Aviation Museum before having dinner. The Kea Hotel is by far, one of the best hotels you can find in the heart of the city. The classical design of this building and the inside clearly reflects its past, and it has been kept in very good condition. Nothing better than a fluffy bed to rest on and get ready for the next adventure!

North Iceland Luxury Travel Activity: Any VIP Tour Around the Area

VIP tours with a private guide are the best alternative when you want to follow a certain route, or if you just want to enjoy having the guide’s knowledge completely at your disposal. Okay, we know that it can be an expensive alternative. But if you want to avoid sharing a bus or having families with children around (we love children, but it is true that sometimes it is a bit hard to relax when you have three of them goofing around for hours), then go for a VIP tour or private tour. Sometimes the expense is worth it.

We especially recommend taking VIP tours to Askja. The lunar-like landscape will have a special meaning when enjoying it with the peace and quiet of a VIP visit or private tour.

Going for a private horse riding tour in Iceland is also a great option. Enjoying the peacefulness and the fresh breezes of the outdoors while riding a sturdy, friendly Icelandic horse will always make you smile whenever you think about it!

Luxury Travel In Iceland With A Horseback Riding Tour

Luxury Northern Lights Accommodation: Mjoeyri Travel Holiday Homes

Lose yourself in the wild! Want to witness the Northern Lights in the middle of nowhere? Mjoeyri is definitely the right place. Book one of the cozy bungalows and wait for Mother Nature’s greatest nighttime light show to come. There’s something very special about this accommodation: an amazing boat-shaped outdoor jacuzzi where you can comfortably wait for the Northern Lights to appear! Buy some drinks at the local grocery store to enjoy them at this amazing spot.

For those who love contrasts, there is also a sauna next to the changing rooms. Try staying for a while at the sauna and taking a soak in the jacuzzi right afterward. You will feel renewed and refreshed.

And don’t miss the amazing buffet breakfast they offer. Their homemade chocolate biscuits are awesome!

Luxury Accommodation in Vík: Black Beach Luxury Suites

Welcome to the most famous fishing village in the country. What makes it so special. Even though it only has about 300 inhabitants, there’s lots to see and do. The volcanic black sand beaches, basalt rock formations, the small church, and more. Visit the Dyrhólaey cliff and enjoy the views of dozens of puffins nesting during the summer. This area is only a few miles away far from the village, and the drive is totally worth it. The nesting area is fenced for their and visitors’ safety.

When it comes to black sand beaches, Reynisfjara is a must. The basalt columns and black sand along with the looming ocean build up an awesome contrast. Take care and do not get too close to the sea! Climb up the basalt columns and take a photo at this picturesque location.

The Black Beach Luxury Suites are perfect for your stay in Vík. With a kitchenette, heated floors, your own private veranda, and spectacular views, the Black Beach Suites are the ultimate in studio apartment luxury while traveling in Iceland.

Iceland Luxury Travel Activity: Ice Cave Tour

We are sure that this experience will be one of the highlights of your trip. There is nothing quite like discovering the magnificence of a glacier than through an ice cave tour. Get ready to experience the mighty power of nature. Companies like Landmannalaugar Tours operate expeditions to “The Secret Ice Cave”, which is more than 500 years old, you will enjoy the fresh air and quietness you can only find in a place like this. The water leaking from the ceiling will be like a melody you will not want to stop listening to. Along with the explanation of the phenomenon from the local guide and the pictures you can take, this visit will be stuck in your mind forever.

Iceland Luxury Travel Activity: Scuba Diving in Thingvellir

The Golden Circle route is a must see that you cannot miss. And scuba diving in the chilly turquoise waters of the Silfra is an experience of once in a lifetime. Book your tour far enough in advance to make sure that you will have everything you need upon arrival. The tour operator will provide you with a diving instructor and all the equipment. You will have a short time to get acclimated and practice before getting into the water. This is essential since we always put safety first! By diving in this clear water, you will observe how nothing but few algae, live here. The rift these crystal waters hide constitutes the separation between the North American tectonic plate and the Eurasian tectonic plate. You’ll technically be on two continents at the same time!

Scuba Diving In The Silfra Fissure Is A Luxury Travel Activity In Iceland

Luxury Accommodation in Selfoss, South Iceland: Ion Adventure Hotel

After a day of diving, it’s time to relax at one of the most special hotels you can find in South Iceland! The Ion Adventure is a modern hotel entirely surrounded by nature, and it tries to blend into its surroundings. The Scandinavian wood design of this building perfectly matches the moss-covered lava fields. Complementing this environmental-friendly yet luxurious design, you will be pleased to know that their offer consists of local Fair Trade products and sustainable resources. Is there something better than enjoying nature knowing that you are not damaging it?

Luxury Accommodation and Activity: Hotel Silica + Blue Lagoon Spa

Your last stop! Is there anything better than finishing an awesome (yet exhausting!) trip than going to a spa? Absolutely. Staying overnight at the amazing hotel you will find there. Don’t forget your swimsuit when packing for this trip. The Blue Lagoon is well known for being the most famous geothermal spa in Iceland. There may be lots of tourists so if you feel like the most private option, choose “The Retreat Spa”. You will have access to the widest selection of services and amenities, as well as a private changing room.

When it comes to accommodation, the Silica Hotel offers wonderful rooms where you can get in touch with nature itself. All the rooms have amazing views of the lagoon or a lava field. There are options for every budget. The most exclusive room, the Retreat Hotel Lagoon Suite, even has a private lagoon! Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true?

Luxury Travel Itinerary in Iceland – Best Destinations and Places to Stay

Luxury travel in Iceland is there, just waiting for you. With some of the best hotels and activities, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time.


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