Iceland’s Best Luxury Hotels – Exclusive Accommodation

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Let’s dive right in and discover Iceland’s best luxury hotels. They combine uniqueness, glamour, and comfort. As you know, Iceland is known for having a rich number of natural attractions. Tourists come every year to this island to experience them up close. The tourism industry is known to be a large source of income for Iceland, so you will find many options here. From cozy, family-owned guesthouses to well-known hotel chains, you just have to choose what is right for you.

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Some say that luxury involves having a nice meal, a relaxing bath or a stunning view from your room window. We completely agree! That is why we should see the best of what Iceland has to offer. Here is our finest selection of Iceland’s Best Luxury Hotels:

Iceland’s Best Luxury Hotels – Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Marina (****)

Fun, trendy and modern are three words to describe this hotel. It exhibits the Icelandic identity through the construction and indoor layouts. You will be lodging close to city center and the old harbor. You are sure to find some of the best seafood restaurants in Reykjavik around this area. We’re sure you will enjoy your stay.

Iceland’s Best Luxury Hotels – Hotel Ranga (****)

Located in Hella, about 70 kilometers away from Reykjavik, you will find a remote jewel that attracts stargazers every year in the quest to see Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights through their camera lenses or just by looking up the sky. The hotel features 51 rooms, hot tubs, and the finest traditional Icelandic food in their restaurant menu. We also suggest exploring Hella’s stunning waterfalls while in the area.

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Iceland’s Best Luxury Hotels – Silica Hotel (****)

Come to visit the fishing town of Grindavik, which welcomes you with its natural geothermal pools. The area is known for its healing waters and impressive views. This is a great spot for couples or for those looking to swim in the hotel pool or to book a day spa session at the Blue Lagoon.

Iceland’s Best Luxury Hotels – Hotel Borg (***)

When exploring Reykjavik, you will be captivated by this nicely restored mid-30’s building in the capital region. This is a place is for art and design lovers. Also, it is very close to Austurvöllur square in the heart of downtown. It is close to cozy restaurants and shops that will make your stay lively and full of style.

Iceland’s Best Luxury Hotels – Hótel Laxá (***)

Cold Champagne Room Service Is Available At The Best Luxury Hotels

Iceland’s Best Luxury Hotels – Exclusive Accommodation

If you plan to visit North Iceland, you will discover this lodging located very close to Lake Myvatn. The zone is known for its captivating rock formations and colorful nature. The inside of the hotel is simple but welcoming. For this reason, it is a good option to enjoy a relaxing time among loved ones. You will find delicious dishes with a taste of local ingredients at the hotel’s restaurant. Don’t miss out on Dimmuborgir (lava formations) and Mývatn Nature Baths when exploring the area.

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