Iceland’s Sky Lagoon – The Ultimate Experience

Turf Houses Surrounding The Sky Lagoon Thermal Waters

We all know that Iceland and geothermal activity goes hand in hand. If you have already check some information about this country, I bet you all have seen those hot pots right in the middle of some breathtaking settings and, of course, mesmerizing pictures of the turquoise milky waters of the Blue Lagoon. Well, Good news, everybody! The blue lagoon is no longer the one, and only, this Nordic island will soon have a brand new spa that will provide the ultimate experience to visitors and travelers. Let’s get to know Iceland’s Sky Lagoon.

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Woman Enjoying The Infinity Edge Pool At Sky Lagoon

Geothermal Pools in Iceland

Iceland is one of the most active volcanic regions in the world. The nickname “the land of fire and ice” says it all. The hot springs and geothermal pools around the country are nothing but a consequence of the constant volcanic activity in Iceland. Groundwater’s temperature rises from the heart of the earth’s crust, for us to enjoy most of the time.

Bathing in geothermal pools in Iceland is more than just relaxing. It plays a huge roll in our culture and has become a fantastic way of socializing. It is quite common to head to a pool after work, with family, friends, to chat about politics, literature, music, or whatever comes to mind at that moment. We inherited this tradition from the first settlers of the island: The Vikings. They used to have a rooted bathing culture as well that was passed down from one generation to the next. Nowadays, there is a pool in every single town in this country!

Now, the geothermal pools we see in Iceland can either be natural and human-made. Each type has its pros and cons, but the truth Is, both options are fantastic for those seeking to relax and shake the stress off. One of the most prominent examples of an artificial spa is precisely the Blue Lagoon. And we can all agree on how sensational and alluring this geothermal bathing area is, right? So, what can we expect from the Sky Lagoon?

Iceland’s Sky Lagoon

A new geothermal lagoon overlooking the Atlantic Ocean that offers the possibility of watching the northern lights and provides drinks at their own bar? Heck yes!

All of that may give you some hints about the nature of this new spa; it is indeed artificial. However, that should not put you off. This spa, set to open in Iceland this 2021, aims to be a Mecca to those who want to reconnect with their mind, body, and soul in a very traditional and classic Icelandic way. That means using natural geothermal heated water, full of minerals that are beneficial for your health and skin.

Where will the Sky Lagoon be located?

This spa will be located in Kársnes Harbour, Kópavogur. This is a municipality that lies right by the southern area of Reykjavik. We can somehow consider it to be the outskirts of the capital city. The Sky Lagoon is a stone’s throw away for both locals and visitors!

How can I get to the Sky Lagoon?

It will take a 10 minutes’ drive to get to Kársnes Harbour from Reykjavik’s Downtown area if you have a rental car. If you don’t, you can, of course, use public transportation.

The cheapest option is getting there by bus; it is a 30 minutes ride. You can hop on bus line #1 Hfj. Vellir bound, which departs from the BSI bus station in Reykjavik center. You can check the schedules here. Once the final address of the spa is released, we will let you know where you can hop off and the nearest bus stop to the venue.

Sky Lagoon Geothermal Waters

The pool and its surroundings undoubtedly play the central role here. The pool will be a 70-meters, infinity-edge one that will smoothly blend into the ocean. It will be filled with geothermal water, which is known worldwide for its healing properties. This water is effective in treating different ailments and diseases naturally. It increases blood circulation and oxygenation. Thus, it helps to dissolve and eliminate toxins.

The facilities enclosing the pool will simulate traditional Icelandic turf houses. This will reduce the feeling of being surrounded by cement and concrete. It creates a much more natural, visually attractive, and enjoyable environment.

Turf Houses Surrounding The Sky Lagoon Thermal Waters

The main Facilities

The bar

Besides the oasis of warm water, the venue will include a swim-up bar carved out of rocks as if it were a cave. There, local drinks are available to clients. This way, they can relax but also quench their thirst with a refreshing and delicious beverage without even leaving the water!

Bar Carved In The Rocks At The Sky Lagoon Spa

Restaurant & shopping

Dining options will also be offered at the spa. You can then enjoy a delightful meal after a whole afternoon relaxing at the lagoon. If you then want to take a piece of the resort with you, you can head to the shopping area. We are still pending confirmation, but hopefully, there will be some exceptional Icelandic skincare treatments you can purchase and take home with you!

Cold pool & Sauna

There are multiple advantages to using a sauna or a vapor bath. The heat makes our heart rate increase when in a sauna. As a consequence, our blood vessels widen, increasing blood circulation. That can help reduce muscle pain, improve joint movement, and ease arthritis pain. So it adds extra to the relaxation and feeling of well-being that geothermal water already provides.

Sauna Area Overlooking The Ocean

Iceland’s Sky Lagoon – The ultimate Experience

We invite you to add this new spa to your travel list for the next 2021. Spa and hot springs bathing are deeply rooted in the Icelandic culture. So if you want to experience it to the fullest, you should not miss this site.

The number of advantages of being able to relax in a unique, spectacular place with impressive views is immeasurable. We live in times of stress; the lack of time is striking; we always forget to treat ourselves. Are you already embarking on a fantastic holiday around Iceland? Well, a day of relaxation in this spa is the present your body and soul is yearning for.

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