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Iceland Holidays

Iceland is a country full of places for hiking, kayaking, visiting caves, trekking and to just have crazy restless adventures. This is all fine if you are up to it, but sometimes, even though you are pretty fit yourself, you just rather go on the relaxing side. That is why we thought we would make a special of Iceland Holidays for Seniors. Those elderly people that just want to enjoy the beauty of this country without going to the wild side!

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Iceland Holidays

So before embarking for this great experience, it is a nice idea to get some useful tips to prepare and Iceland holidays for seniors and, the best of it all, is it does not really matter if you are on a budget, you will still find some really exciting activities to do. If you have been reading our blog lately, you probably find some of them familiar and yes! It is senior friendly!

  1. Dip in healthy waters

Is there anything better than being able to enjoy the stunning landscapes of Iceland while being dipped in warm, healthy geothermal waters? I think not!

Iceland is kind of a “new” country in geological terms; that is why this land has been and still is quite active. The internal activity of the earth provides us the greatest bathing spots and pools places!

Some of these waters are rich in minerals that are great for your skin, they offer relief from arthritis symptoms, fibromyalgia, skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema which causes itchy skin, and high blood pressure.

Once of our most famous bathing spots we recommend visiting in this Iceland holidays for senior’s post is the Blue Lagoon please bear in mind pre-booking is required. It is 47km away from Reykjavik, there are tickets from 5400 ISK.

Iceland Holidays

  1. Northern Lights Tours

One of nature’s most magnificent displays! Inuit people from the north pole believe they are the spirits of their ancestors and the Vikings thought it was a bridge to the other world made with the shields of the Valkyries. What a romantic description of this spectacular phenomenon!

Catching this beautiful lights is not always easy, but it definitely does not require trekking. It suits everyone and does not demand any special physical preparation and that is why we thought it is just perfect for this Iceland holidays for seniors topic!

What is required to see the Northern lights?

Warm clothes

Iceland Holidays

  1. Spend a Day at Siglufjörður

I bet you have not heard about this one, that is why we are here for! I personally believe this is a stunning village, so beautiful that to me it looks like a postcard. It is right by the sea shore but at the same time. It is shield by snow covered mountains giving you a spectacular view wherever you look at. If you happen to be traveling through the north of Iceland. Add this village as a day trip to you Iceland holidays for seniors agenda!

→ Here you can go for a stroll before lunch time. Make sure you visit the local restaurants and have a taste of Icelandic food!

→ Folk Music Festival is held in this town in July.

Iceland Holidays for Seniors

  1. Whale watching Tour

In case you are just staying for a short period, you can enjoy this wonderful trip that is also available in Reykjavik!

The summer season is one of the best time to go for a whale watching tour. These creatures come to the coast of the capital in large numbers so your chances of observing them are quite high.

There is euphoria and joy on the ship and the fresh air makes you fancy hot chocolate. Luckily, you can do so at the many cafes you have available back in Reykjavik city!

Iceland Holidays

  1. What a great post! I was looking for some cool activities as my gandma and I we are both traveling to iceland soon. Thank you for sharing!

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