A Day at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon Retreat Spa

Couples Getting A Massage At Iceland'S Blue Lagoon Spa

Even if you haven’t heard of the Blue Lagoon, you have definitely seen images of it. Photos of Icelandic geothermal spa with cloudy turquoise waters giving off misty waves of white steam are Instagram celebrities in their own right. Hundreds of thousands of visitors wade through its healing waters every year. Some are enjoying a long layover at nearby Keflavik airport. For others, it’s the highlight of their trip to Iceland. If you’re looking for something more private and secluded, think about beginning your trip in style and book a treatment at The Blue Lagoon’s world-renowned spa, the Retreat. If you are here, why not spend a little more cash to have a truly unique experience?

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Blue Spa Towels, Candles And Plants

The Spa Within the Spa

You may be asking yourself, “Isn’t the Blue Lagoon already in of itself a spa, so that means there is a spa, in a … spa?” That’s precisely what I mean, friend. Paying for the regular price of admission gets you a locker, a wrist-band, and access to the main bathing area of the lagoon. You can make purchases right from the silica-rich waters of wherever you choose to float around, but they are limited to drinks. If you want to have a more intimate experience go for the spa package. It’s worth it.

The only negative aspects of the Blue Lagoon are that so many people know about, so it’s a very popular thing to do in Iceland. This along with its proxmity to Reykjavik means that the pool can get packed relatively quickly. They have etiquette in place to ensure everyone can enjoy the mineral-filled waters of the Blue Lagoon, but sometimes I just need my space. Floating on your back and gazing into the mysterious white clouds of mists that permeate from the pool, and upon lifting your head out of the water, you see a group of tourists staring at you can be unnerving, to say the least. When you book an autumn afternoon at the Retreat, you don’t have to worry about that.

For the price of a basic retreat package, you gain access to a secluded quartered off section of the lagoon. The day-visit guests with regular admission price tickets can’t unknowingly float into this part of the pool. It is only for those who have purchased an afternoon at the Retreat. The people there are receiving spa treatments, or are staying at the Blue Lagoon Retreat Hotel. Fewer people means less noise. Less noise means it will be easier for you to enjoy your Icelandic geothermal spa experience to the fullest.

Woman Getting A Facial At The Blue Lagoon Retreat Spa

Treatments and Massages

The Retreat has a wide variety of indoor and in-water massages and treatments. Yes, you read correctly. You can opt to have either your massage done indoors or floating around in the temperate waters of the pool. Like we are supposed to because it’s 2018 and the future is now, my friends. Not all offerings are submersible though, as some do have to be performed indoors. However, one of the most popular products on the spa menu is the signature floating massage. I’m not sure if you’ve read the Blue Lagoon reviews, but this spa treatment is as good as it sounds.

For up to two hours, recipients of this massage lay on a floating mattress, and as they hover weightlessly in the magical algae and mineral-rich, silica-infused waters of the lagoon, they are pampered and groomed. The service begins with a relaxing salt scrub that cleans your skin. Then, a world-class massage therapist goes back over your recently purified skin with mineral massage oil. The massage culminates in a sleep-inducing scalp massage. Falling asleep while getting my scalp massaged in the lagoon was one of the best memories I will never remember.

Other services include hot stone massages, full body silica scrubs, facials, pedicures, manicures, and last but not least, eyebrow and lash services. The last service is always a must. You don’t want to look back on your Icelandic holiday and realize that in all of your photos you look like the missing link. The prices are high, but they are worth it. Treatments and services at this spa are world class, and honestly, the price isn’t that bad given the rarity of spas offering floating massages in deep blue volcanic pools that are heated by actual lava. Geothermal spas and pools are kind of the coolest thing ever.

A Couple Relaxing At The Blue Lagoon Spa

Booking the Blue Lagoon Retreat Spa

Be sure to book in advance by visiting the Blue Lagoon website and purchasing your tickets online. If you simply show up during opening hours, you’ll have to wait in a long line. No one likes doing that. With autumn right around the corner, Iceland is currently in the dog days of summer. And as such, tourists are leaving in hordes. The majority of the tourism will pick back up next summer. But for now, we can look forward to a relaxing offseason. If you want to come to visit our fabled nordic isle, then there is no better time in the fall. The days are still relatively long, there are few people, and the cold isn’t yet bitting. More than that though autumn is the perfect time to come visit the Blue Lagoon, and maybe even spend a little extra on the spa.

Just thinking about feeling my skin jump at the crispness of the autumn arctic Icelandic air after being submerged in a pool of steaming water is enough to give me goosebumps. The clash of warm water running against frigid air is supremely refreshing. Combine that with a day at the spa, and maybe even a sleep-inducing in-water massage. I can’t think of a better way to jumpstart your trip to Iceland.

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