Do’s and Don’ts at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

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The Iceland Blue Lagoon is a geothermal bath located a few kilometers from Grindavik and less than 50 kilometers from the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. It is already a kind of a symbol of Iceland and a must see on each tourist’s list. Over 400 000 visitors come to Blue Lagoon during a year. No wonder why, this is a literally magic place. It combines extraordinary landscape qualities- a contrast of blue-milky water with a black-brown lava cover and exceptional nursing and healing properties. There is no other place like that anywhere else. You migh be than a bit confused when you come here for the first time. For this reason we prepared for you a list of do’s and don’ts in Blue Lagoon.

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Iceland Blue Lagoon

Do Book Your Entrance In Advance

The entrances for the Iceland Blue Lagoon are limited. The prices are higher along the peak season, depending of the package you choose. If you want to be sure you get the tickets for the day you wish, buy them online before the trip. Do not leave it for the last moment.

Do Take Care Of Your Hair

The simple conditioner for hair is not enough here. We recommend you to tie your hair up, preferably in a bun and grease them. For long hair you might want to put some coconut oil. This is absolutely necessary as the water of Blue Lagoon will make your hair very dry.

Do Have a Drink

The water in the Iceland Blue Lagoon is warm and you might get dehydrated quickly. You should get a drink in an unusual bar in the middle of the lagoon. It will also make you relax even more. Try fresh juices and smoothies made of skyr. Yummy!

Do Have A Facial Mask

In a few places in the lagoon you can find baskets with Silica Mud Mask. It is excellent mask for pufirying and exfoliating the skin. You can immediately feel the improvement of any skin condition. Do not miss this occasion as the cost of this mask in the souvenir shop is quite high.

Iceland Blue Lagoon

Don’t Take Your Phone With You

Obviously you would like to get a snap in this magical place. We do understand it but remember that the steam will not be good for your newest, cool smartphone.If you can’t get around without a nice selfie though, we do recommend you to get a waterproof protection for your phone.

Don’t Lose Your Magnetic Bracelet

Each of you will get a magnetic bracelet which you will use for the entrance and for your personal locker. Do not lose it! It will only cause problems to get to your stuff and will result in a fine to pay.

Don’t Leave Your Kids Unattended

For those who travel with family and their little ones, remember not to leave them unattended. Kids under 15 years old must be always under the adult care.

Iceland Blue Lagoon

Do’s and Don’ts at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Don’t Come into the Lagoon Without showering

That is a common rule in Iceland. Before coming to a public pool, you must take a shower. No swimming suit on though. For the shy ones you can find few shower cabins at the exit to the lagoon. There might be a queue there though.

Don’t Run

As funny as it may sound, do not run when entering to the lagoon. The temperaturę outside might be very low and you will get a bit chilly until you finally get into the warm water. The substrate made of rock is really slippery so take each step carefully.

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