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Iceland Solo Travel Tips With Female Traveler

Traveling bring so many benefits to your mind and body. It is a fact that traveling can make us happier, as it helps to reduce the stress we’re exposed to from our daily routines. You experience new things, discover new places and meet new people. Typically, people tend to travel with their loved ones, friends or family but sometimes that it just not possible. Does that mean you should miss the opportunity of visiting a country like Iceland? Of course not! Traveling alone is the ultimate way to learn about other cultures and yourself. Do you accept the challenge of solo travel in Iceland?

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Male Solo Traveler At Iceland'S Skógafoss Waterfall

Solo Travel in Iceland – The Advantages of Traveling on Your Own

For some people, traveling alone can seem intimidating at first. And that is very understandable. As human beings, we usually tend to stay within the limits of our comfort zone. Being alone in a different country can make us feel unsure, even if there’s no real danger. Whenever we travel with people that we love or know, that anxiety gets reduced.

If the idea of traveling solo in Iceland has been on your mind lately, then don’t be afraid. There are so many advantages to going on a vacation on your own! Once you see the pros, you’ll forget the cons.

You learn to go beyond your limits while traveling solo

Anyone visiting a new country will eventually face an unexpected situation. It doesn’t matter if you have travel companions or if you are traveling solo.

Even if your trip is planned down to the smallest detail, things inevitably pop up. No matter what the unexpected situation is, learning to solve it on your own by facing your limits will boost your self-esteem. Those are memories of a lifetime and unique stories you will share throughout the years. And activities like glacier hikes in Iceland will also have you pushing your personal boundaries. 

Solo travel opens your mind

You have probably seen many tourists that behave as if they were still at home. They barely get to experience the local culture. When you are traveling with friends and family, the chances of choosing whatever is more familiar and similar to your own culture, are higher. But when you are on a solo vacation in Iceland, you will have to mingle with locals. It’s beneficial to strike up a conversation with other tourists that come from countries you have never heard of before or visited.

There’s no need to compromise or negotiate when traveling alone

Many people love to travel to experience the freedom of having no schedules or no timetables. Everyone just goes with the flow. Well, if you travel on your own, you don’t even need to discuss sightseeing destinations, places to eat, where to go or what to do. You do what you want, when you want.

Solo Female Traveler In Iceland

Solo Travel to Iceland – The Perfect Destination

Let’s be honest. Iceland is the perfect country for many types of trips. But when it comes to solo travelers, it’s beyond perfect. Pushing your limits is a fantastic thing to do of course, but common sense is still necessary. Travel safety is crucial whether you are traveling alone or not. But when you are on your own, then staying safe becomes a  top priority.

Well, there’s good news for you. Iceland is one of the safest countries in the world. It has one of the lowest crime rates globally. So if you are thinking of enjoying our sparkling geysers, fiery volcanoes, and mesmerizing landscapes, you have no excuses left. Most Icelanders don’t even lock their doors (well ok, maybe in Reykjavik they do), but I cannot recall the last time I locked my door. Why should I anyway? I guess living here is all about trust. There are only 300,000 of us on this island, so I think we know what to expect. But I can understand that you guys don’t. So some preparation is still needed. Here are some tips for if you decide to travel solo to Iceland.

Guide to Solo Travel to Iceland – Tips and Tricks

Unless you get everything organized and tailored by a travel agency, every trip needs some preparation. But I don’t think you’re going through a travel agency. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be reading our Iceland travel blog, would you? So here are some travel tips to keep in mind when traveling solo to Iceland.

Always Have a Backup Plan

When coming to Iceland, you need to have your route set out and planned in advance. It’s extremely important to keep in mind that Iceland’s weather is very changeable and pretty unpredictable. Having a plan B when the climate starts acting up is an excellent thing to do. This way you will be able to make the most out of your trip. Checking the Iceland weather forecast and Iceland road conditions daily and continuously is a must. You don’t want to end up stuck in a remote area in the middle of a snowstorm on your own, do you?

Download the 112 Iceland App

As we mentioned before, it does not matter if you are traveling with a group or on your own. Anything can happen out of the blue. But if you are on an adventure without any travel companions, being mindful and aware of the situations you may encounter is a must. The Iceland 112 app adds extra safety as it will get you in contact with the Icelandic emergency services even when there is no coverage to dial 112.

Solo Travel Safety With Iceland 112 App

Let People Know Your Location

Not only do the emergency services need to know this information, but also your loved ones. Telling them about your destination and the route you plan to take. It can ease their minds knowing where you are. You can also set up GPS tracking if you really want to stay connected to your friends and family. This also gives them peace of mind.

Get to Know the Locals

This can be hard to achieve for shy people, but give it a go! You don’t need to be fun and chatty. Just strike up a conversation with a friendly hello and let things flow. In Iceland, we also enjoy learning about other cultures and meeting people from other countries. We’d love to hear your story, so share it!

Learn Some Basic Icelandic

Mingling with the locals will definitely be easier if you learn some basic greetings in Iceland. We are quite aware of how hard our language is, so we appreciate it when foreigners try to speak some basic Icelandic.

Don’t Forget Your Selfie Stick

You’re on your own, so your options for being in the picture are somewhat limited. You can either use the camera timer or take a selfie stick with you. Iceland is extremely windy, so I would not recommend leaving your phone or camera on the edge of a wall. Even if its the perfect picture, the wind can easily blow them away. They will soon be gone and so will your digital memories.

Guide to Solo Travel to Iceland

You’re ready to go for your next adventure on the Nordic island. Probably the best recommendation and advice I can give is: dare to try. It will probably not go as planned. In fact, it will get crazy at times. But I promise that by the end of your trip, you will wonder how come you didn’t solo travel in Iceland before. You will love our country and will enjoy it from a unique perspective. So, pack your suitcase and go!

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