Car Rental Holidays: Child Seat Legislation in Iceland

Child Seat Legislation In Iceland

Truth is we all love our children and we want the best for them. When renting a car, protection and security comes first, that also applies to our little ones. As many of you may be visiting Iceland soon, and of course, renting a vehicle; rules must plain to see. So we can clear up any doubt about this issue, here you have our Child Seat Legislation in Iceland post.

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Child Seat Legislation In Iceland

Bear in mind that legislation is not the same in every country, sometimes the size of the child determines the kind of back up needed. In other countries, it is the age or weight that is crucial for a final decision. Regulation for the front seat also varies so just do not take this part of your trip for granted. Let’s get to the Child Seat Legislation in Iceland.

What is ISOfix?

When looking for information about Child Seat Legislation in Iceland, you will see this word. So you understand what it is about, it is an international standard system for restraint seats. It allows you to fit a baby car seat directly into the vehicle without using a seat belt.

In other countries, its name changes to LARCH system as it happens in the USA. It is important to know this, as in the case of Iceland and Europe, most vehicles from 2013 ahead, come with this system.

Where can the child be seated?

In the case of Iceland, if your child is under 150cm, they cannot be in the front seat as a passenger with an active airbag.

Child Seat Legislation In Iceland

Please, place your little one in the back seats with the right child passenger restraint systems.

What kind of restraint systems are there?

Child Seat Legislation in Iceland states that most restraint systems must be adapted to the child’s weight. As a seatbelt is not enough on its own. When the kid is sitting, his head must never exceed the seat’s top edge. Here you have the categories:

0-13 KG: This section is usually for babies between 0 and 2 years old. The safest way to set the child seat is rear-facing. Using the seat this way has many advantages that should strongly be considered. In case of a crash or accident, your babies’ head and neck are still weak, this way they will be better supported and avoid injuries in the infant’s spine and skull.

9-18 KG: This is usually for kids aged 1-4 years old. These seats have more harness to hold the kids body.

15-36 KG: for 4-10 years old child. These seats come with a higher back for a better support for the toddlers.

Child Seat Legislation In Iceland

Car Rental Holidays: Child Seat Legislation in Iceland

Booster seat: recommended for those children who have already reached 135cm height. In this case, the use of seat belt is necessary.

For further information, keep the Icelandic traffic authority website at hand.

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