Best Time to Visit Iceland

Best Time Visit Iceland

The major dilemma while organising the trip to Iceland seems to be to choose the best time to visit Iceland. It is the land of volcanoes and glaciers. Country whose residents have no family names and the phone book is sorted by first names.

Best car rental in Iceland

Even though most of the time it’s cold and cloudy, we are incredible optimists. That’s why year by year more and more tourists are coming to see on their own what makes it so special.

Best Time Visit Iceland

You can choose between winter and summer. Both seasons have its own charm and own factors that make them attractive and worth seeing.

Winter in Iceland lasts from 10th October till the 3rd April. While thinking about Icelandic winter, first thing that comes to our mind is -30 Celsius degrees, no sun at all and constant darkness. Nothing could be further from the truth! Because where else in Europe can you bask during the winter time? You will not necessarily need the coat as if for the expedition to Antarctica either!

Best Time Visit Iceland

Undoubtedly, the main factor that will definitely contribute to choose winter as best time to visit Iceland are its beautiful auroras that you can only observe during that time. To hunt for the Northern Lights, you can obviously go alone or with a local office. As it is not that easy to catch it, you can turn to the local tourist agencies. They know exactly the places where the chances of auroras are greatest.

Best Time Visit Iceland

What else comes for the winter time as the best time to visit Iceland? I would say all the winter attractions in Iceland. Exploring caves in glaciers, admiring the half-frozen waterfalls, observing seals on the Ice Lagoon, Iceland’s most popular snowboard slopes and much more!

Best Time Visit Iceland

The next destination on our must see list are the phenomenal hot springs. Which direction to choose? The Blue Lagoon of course. Surrounded by lava reservoir contains a warm, rich in mineral water, coming to a depth of 1800m. You must take a dip!

Best time to visit Iceland

There is much more standing for winter time being the best time to visit Iceland of course! It is worth knowing that the tourism in Iceland is smaller in winter. That makes roads less busy, cars rental prices are lower along with the cheap accommodations.

On the other hand, we have summer which for some people is undoubtedly the best time to visit Iceland.

Summer in Iceland lasts three months starting from June till the beginning of September. The average temperature comes to a vertiginous 11 degrees which make us better be prepared for rainy and windy days. During the summer visiting caves, watching auroras etc. is impossible. It’s also much more difficult to meet a seal on Ice Lagoon however, all the other lures are easily accessible.

Best Time Visit Iceland

There is plenty of picturesque places which the best capture their beauty in summer and they can only be reached at that time of the year, including:

  • Askja, 50 square kilometers of the crater including the famous Viti.
  • Thorsmork- the most popular mountain area for hiking, the most forested place in Iceland
  • Hveravellir- one of the world’s most beautiful georhermat field with the numerous bathing.
  • Nature Reserve Fjallabaki- Landmannalaugar, crystalline Frostastaðvatn lake and proud mountain Hrafntinnusker.

All the roads in the interior of the county are open, allowing the crossing of the truly wild areas with amazing landscapes. You can easily explore the interior of the volcanos, hike on the glacier or watching birds or whales.

Best Time Visit Iceland

Assuming, it is difficult to state easily which period is the best time to visit Iceland. You can find lots of joy and adventures either in winter or summer. As this land is not only geysers and waterfalls but also great people culture and cousin which makes anytime of the year being the best time to visit Iceland.

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