East Iceland: A Paradise For The Adventurous

East Iceland

Join us in the quest to discover the impressive fjords and inlets between Eskifjörður and Norðfjörður where hikers from all over the globe come every year for the challenge. If you enjoy extreme sports as much as we do, there are dedicated areas for mountain bikers and for those who love kayaking. Visit Gerpissvæðið for marked trails, water sports and more. Our guide to East Iceland!

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East Iceland

The Fjord-trail is one of the most famous route to take whilst in the area, you will feel close to the ocean by exploring unique high cliff paths that would lead to stunning views from above.

Places like Gerpir is known for generations to be a place for those who enjoy adventure. Located in Eastern most point of our beautiful island. Gerpir is known as the oldest parts of Iceland, can you imagine that it has more than 12 million years? This is our national treasure with incredible rock formations and colourful cliffs!

East Iceland

What is nearby?

  • Rauðubjörg: Cliffs in Barðsnes glow so intensely everyday that you will be immediately captivated. They reflect sunshine on its body of stone and rhyolite (which gives it that reddish glow), inviting everyone to venture in their surroundings. Also, this gets more interesting as you can only access by boat.
  • Neskaupstaður: This town will welcome you with a single lane tunnel that makes it way down through a curvy road with incredible views and thrills. A place for delightful natural beauty, birdlife and fauna. Hiking path in Norðfjörður natural reserve is a stimulating visit. At night, mingle with an active community dedicated the music scene with blues and jazz clubs.
  • Selárdalur Swimming pool: As you know, Iceland is famous for our local swimming pools in every town you go. East Iceland’s favourite spots for enjoy a great swim is Selárdalur, the swimming pool opens all year round and offers great amenities combined with a wonderful view! PH: +354 473-1499
  • Oddsskarð: For those who love skiing and winter sports, here is one of the largest areas in East Iceland. Offers three lifts, a ski lodge for visitors and illuminated tracks. No need to bring your own equipment as they rent boards and skis. PH: +354 476-1465
  • Breiðdalseldstöð: This massive ancient volcano attracts foreign visitors more and more as for its beauty and mystery. As its irregular aspect, combined with green and bluish rocks have unveiled the past of the region through minerals and layers in its criers and remnants. You will find semi precious stones and variety of rare discoveries can be found at Breiðdalsvík museum.
  • HengifossHengifoss is a magnificient waterfall, one of the highest of the country with 128m. It will take you around 50 minutes walking from the parking lot to the waterfall where you will be delighted with the views of the water falling into a beautiful gorge.

East Iceland

Discover East Iceland

Where to eat?

Nesbær ehf (Egilsbraut 7, 740 Neskaupstað) Neskaupstaöur town is home to this cozy coffeehouse that delights their visitors with fresh brewed coffee and home made cakes. Also they have license to serve liquor and offer a place to showcase local art in their walls.

PH: + 354 477-1115

Hja okkur (Síreksstaðir): This traditional restaurant serves unique local food with ingredients that are produced in the area. You should not miss it while in East Iceland.

PH: + 354 473-1458 

Where to sleep?

Egilsbúð/Fjarðahotel (Egilsbraut 1, 740 Neskaupsstaður) Hotel located in central area of town, offers great installations and allows you to get some rest after a long day of sightseeing and exercise. Hot baths are a must in Iceland!

PH: +354 840-2181

Norðfjörður Camping: Looking for acampsite in the area? Here is an excellent option for those staying in a Camper or Motorhome. They offer shower, electricity and more, also an amazing view!!

PH: + 354 470-9000

Guesthouse at Mjoeyri: The best spot in east Iceland. It is our recommendation! You will be able to have an exclusive hot jacuzzi over an old ship.

PH: + 354 477-1247

East Iceland

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