The Best Pools In East Iceland

Best Pools In East Iceland

It might seem like Iceland is not a country for outdoor pool baths, but the truth is it has a big concentration of wonderful pools. Although the weather might be bleak, Icelanders love to enjoy the pools and hot springs of the country and so do the visitors once that the try them out. Let us then discover the Best Pools In East Iceland.

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Best Pools In East Iceland

Even if it is snowing outside, the hot spring and thermal pools are warm and too hot in some cases, due to the high temperature that rises from the ground. That is why this country is the warmest one on its latitude. I personally love those cool days when I go with my friends to a geothermal pool and we chat and gather immersed in hot water while we contemplate the white snow. It is magical! Sharing with you the Best Pools In East Iceland is surely a good idea. It will let you enjoy our culture in every little corner!

As I said, there are many pools all around the country. Every little town has its own. But in this post, we will focus on the Best Pools In East Iceland.

Djúpivogur pool

This pool is situated in a small town called Djupivogur and it is open all year round. It has an outdoor, an indoor pool and one for children. There is also sauna, gym and hot tubs.

It would be a good option if you are traveling with kids, you can have a relaxing time while they are having fun. It is not very crowed as not so many people know it. The address is: Varða 4 765 Djúpivogur.

Breiðdalshreppur pool

This outdoor 15 meter long pool also has a gym and hot tub. Children under 10 years old cannot access by themselves, they have to be accompanied by an adult older than 15 years old.

Best Pools In East Iceland

Stöðvarfjörður pool

Also situated in a small village, this outdoor pool is 16 meter long and it also has a hot tub. It is only open during summer, from June to September.

Fáskrúðsfjörður pool

This is a great indoor 13 meter long swimming pool and has a hot tub in the outside. It is open all year long. It was inaugurated in the 40’s and the Senior citizens use part of this space for their activities and entertainment.

Höfn swimming pool

And finally last but not least, this pool is my favourite out of the Best Pools In East Iceland. It is a family friendly outdoor 25 meter long swimming pool. If you are willing to spend a wonderful day with your kids this is the place you are looking for and it is also open all year.

It has fun slides like a small water park. The water temperature is warm but it also has a hot tub, steam bath and a Jacuzzi.

Best Pools In East Iceland

The Best Pools In East Iceland

It is totally designed for children and adults. I believe it is very convenient because it has changing rooms with showers, hair dryers, etc, so you can go directly for dinner after spending a relaxing afternoon.

You can opt for having some pizza at Íshúsið pizzeria which is half kilometre away. Am I the only one starving after bath time? The pizzas at this place are awesome. The whole family loves it.

Pools in Iceland are a serious business in the country, it is totally Icelandic culture. If you are planning to visit, you should not leave without getting to a pool for a soak.

The East of Iceland have plenty of them so it is indeed is a good option! You family and kids will love it!

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