Where to Eat in Akureyri (Restaurants and Cafés)

Akureyri At Night. What Are The Best Bars, Restaurants And Cafés?

Akureyri may be considered a small city in the north of Iceland. But there is actually something quite charming. And I don’t just mean about its picture-perfect landscapes. Only a few people are live in this town, around 18,000 inhabitants. Nonetheless, the population is quickly growing due to a large number of tourists that come here every day. Today is the time to unveil the best places to eat in Akureyri. Yes, that’s right! Akureyri has a vast selection of renowned restaurants, hotels, and cafes that you should definitely check out.

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Nighttime Street View Of The Best Restaurants, Cafes, And Bars In Akureyri

There are plenty of options to choose from, one for every taste, budget, and occasion. Each venue offers something unique for their guests. You’ll have the opportunity to explore different styles when it comes to restaurants. For example, there are some fine-dining restaurants for those looking for extra sophistication. Others are known to be very stylish, with a modern fusion appeal. Lastly, you’ll also find a few cozy, family-owned establishments that master Icelandic traditions so well. Akureyri’s culinary scene may be full of contrast and surprises, but that is definitely part of the magic awaiting you in this friendly little town.

You will not only find traditional or local dishes in Akureyri. There is food from all over the world. Icelanders are becoming more and more interested in bringing the latest gastronomic trends to the island. Today, it’s not unusual to go out to get some sushi or to find a table at an Indian restaurant in town. As the demand increases, locals have taken their part in creating a diverse gastronomic scene, just like in some of the most important cities around the world.

Here are some great spots you could visit:

Aurora – Icelandair Hotel

First off we have this very luxurious café, bar and grill venue located in the heart of the city, Thingvallastraeti 23. It’s located beside the hotel of the same name, but it opens its doors to the public. Aurora is known for having a large selection of dishes that include local cod and duck. You will also find warm soups, burgers, and fresh salads. This is the perfect spot for brunch, dinner and to enjoy a nice house wine at the bar. Opening times are 11.30-21.00 and 01:00 (Bar). Visit their website.

Tea Time At The Aurora Icelandair Hotel- One Of Akureyri'S Best Restaurants, Bar And Grill

Rub 23: Creative sushi and seafood delights

This is one of my favorites spots in the city as it offers a mixture of delicious cuts of meat, fish, and sushi. The ingredients are always fresh and locally produced. Take a look at the drink menu; it’s simply fantastic. This restaurant welcomes you with a lively and modern vibe. Located in the main avenue of the city, it is very easy to find as it is close to most hotels in town. You can’t miss it, just look for the red wall outside! Opens 11:30 – 14:00 (Mon-Fri) and 17:30 – 23:00 (Weekends). Visit their website.

Bautinn – Family favorites in the heart of the city

Right in the city center, Bautinn is beloved for its hearty portions and family-friendly vibe. Serving a mix of Icelandic and international dishes, it’s a go-to for both locals and tourists wanting to sample a wide variety of flavors.

Strikið (Strikid) – Elevated dining with a view

This is another must see in Akureyri. Its reputation says it has one of the best menus, beautiful views and quality service. You’ll find it on the top floor of an office building on Skipagata street. This restaurant is very popular so make sure you book a table in advance. Prepare to enjoy the perfect meal looking at the mountains and sea from any table. Make sure you try the coconut steak or the delicious date sauteed chicken. Opens daily from 11:30. Visit their website.

Berlin Akureyri

Are you looking for a great cafe? Here is another great cozy place to enjoy some delicious coffee, hot cocoa or a cup of tea. This is the place to have breakfast at any hour. Look for the fresh pastries and traditional Icelandic cookies! They also offer vegan/gluten-free options so everyone can enjoy their stay. Their staff is super friendly, so you will feel right at home. The place may get a little busy at times, but it is definitely worth the wait. Berlin opens around 8 AM daily.


This is definitely the best spot to get a drink in town. The name says it all, Götubarinn roughly translates to “street bar”. Some locals say that this is the trendiest and busiest bar in town. If you are into live music, this is definitely a great option to try. Also, they have a fine selection of craft beers available which you may enjoy at their beer garden outside. If you are new in town, Götubarinn will be a great place to meet new people and to engage in stimulating conversation while listening to interesting music genres. Visit their Facebook page

Beers On Tap At Götubarinn, One Of Akureyri'S Best Bars

Noa Seafood Restaurant – The freshest catch

This is the perfect place to enjoy the tastiest and most creative dishes in Akureyri. The restaurant’s menu includes local fish, lamb, and beef with different ways of being prepared. All of these include fresh vegetables that will bring that round out the flavors. The place is quite interesting as it houses a store, a gallery and the restaurant, all in one place. Located in Hafnarstræti 22, not too far from downtown, Noa Seafood welcomes guests every day between 4-9pm. Visit their website.

Akureyri Fish and Chips – Casual eats by the harbor

For a more laid-back dining option, head to Akureyri Fish and Chips. Enjoy freshly battered fish paired with crispy chips, all while taking in the harbor views. It’s comfort food at its finest.

Kaffi Ilmur – Quaint café charm

This cozy café, housed in one of Akureyri’s oldest buildings, serves up delicious coffee, homemade cakes, and light lunches. Kaffi Ilmur is perfect for a relaxing break while exploring the town.

Greifinn – Fun and friendly family restaurant in Akureyri

Greifinn is all about variety, offering a menu that features everything from pizzas and burgers to more traditional Icelandic dishes. It’s a great place for groups and families looking for a casual meal in a lively atmosphere.

Indian Curry House

Are you into spicy food? Why not try some delicious curry or some of the many famous Indian dishes at this restaurant found at Ráðhústorg street? There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, so special dietary needs are not an issue. I love this place because it offers lunch every day between 11:30 to 13:30 at a great price. You can always ask for the non-spicy option when ordering. Visit their Facebook page

Hamborgarafabrikkan – The burguer factory

Known for its creative burgers, Hamborgarafabrikkan brings a fun twist to the classic burger joint. With its unique combinations and fresh ingredients, it’s a must-visit for burger aficionados.

La Vita é Bella – Italian Delights in Iceland

Bringing a touch of Italy to Akureyri, La Vita é Bella specializes in authentic Italian cuisine. From freshly made pasta to mouthwatering pizzas, it’s the perfect spot for those craving Italian flavors in a cozy setting.

Akureyri’s culinary scene is as vibrant and diverse as the landscapes that surround it. Each restaurant offers a unique glimpse into the heart of Icelandic cuisine, from traditional dishes passed down through generations to innovative meals that blend international flavors with local ingredients. Whether you’re seeking a fine dining experience with picturesque views or a cozy café to while away an afternoon, Akureyri has something to satisfy every palate.

As you prepare to continue exploring everything this enchanting town has to offer, don’t let a change in weather dampen your spirits.

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