Spring in Iceland- The season series

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If during the Fall the countryside turns into a brown reddish color during the spring time, green is the predominant color. After a long and cold winter, spring is one of the most awaited seasons in Iceland. Everything has a new light, nature awakens and new plant life starts to spring forth from the ground. All sorts of flowers bloom and brand-new leaves start to grow. We also hope that you were looking forward to read our Spring in Iceland- The season series as much as we want spring to come!

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: Spring In Iceland- The Season Series

In the old days, it was a bit complicated to know when the spring time would exactly come as the cold would sometimes stay longer than expected. That is why the old Norse people would divide the year in just two seasons: the winter and the summer. Spring would be just the part of the year where you had to take the cattle out and gradually sow the land.  Nowadays we have a similar situation, even though spring usually comes in April, it depends on the year as sometimes snow thawing takes longer and the cold winds are still blowing. Despite this, it is still a good season to get some great deals on accommodation and tours, in this Spring in Iceland- The season series we highly recommend you to check for online promotions and discounts!

Weather and temperatures

In spring the weather warms up but not as much as many other countries. Iceland can still be quite chilly, windy and rainy. This basically depends on the day as the weather is very unstable. Average temperature ranges from 5ºC in April to 9ºC in May. Snow is now thawing but it is not rare to see some light snow falling in spring as well. Sand storms are also common during this period mostly in the south Coast area.

: Spring In Iceland- The Season Series

Daylight Hours

In spring, days last longer. The sun rises at 6:30 and sets at approximately 20:30. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy any activity you enroll. By the end of May, days will have even more sun light with up to 20h. This circumstance does not only affect the temperature and the time available to be in the outdoors but also the sleeping patterns.  If you happened to need a pitch dark room in order to be able to sleep, in this Spring in Iceland- The season series we highly recommend you to bring along a sleeping mask. You will definitely need one!

Spring Traditions

Iceland folklore also have their festivities during the spring time, here is the most famous one:

: Spring In Iceland- The Season Series

  • Easter: this is as we all know, a religious festivity. It lasts longer in Iceland as it starts in Maundy Thursday until Easter Monday. During this time, many shops and offices do not open, workers spend their time with their families and travel around the country. As a funny fact, we also have the typical Easter chocolate eggs but with the Icelandic twist. They come decorated with lilies and chicks on the top of it. Inside, it is sort of a mixture between and egg and a fortune cookie. You will find candies inside with proverbs and sayings to discuss with your family and friends!

Spring in Iceland- The season series


Looking for some fun things to do while in Iceland? in this Spring in Iceland- The season series article we have picked these cool festivals for you to check them out:

  • Children’s Culture Festival: from the 25th to the 30th of April. It is usually celebrated at Harpa Concert Hall. Hundreds of children from all around Reykjavik and their schools attend this great event. There are performances, music awards, and dance recitals.
  • Reykjavik Arts Festival: held in Reykjavik from late May to early June. It is a great occasion to check the latest trends in classic and modern art. Writing workshops with instruction from well-known novelist are also quite common during the festival. Music is also present with live music concerts, street dance classical dance exhibitions.

Now you know what it is like to be in Iceland in every season of the year.  Which one would you prefer?

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