Reasons why you SHOULDN’T visit Iceland

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It’s highly likely that the title of this article has left you a little confused. You usually find thousands of websites where they give you reasons to visit Iceland. Today we are going to do things a little bit differently. We’re going to tell you some of the possible complications and side effects that come along with discovering the land of Fire and Ice. Here are some reasons why you SHOULDN’T visit Iceland.

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Upon returning home, you will miss the immensity and solitude of Iceland’s landscapes

Perhaps for many the concept of solitude is negative in and of itself. The truth is we all need to experience moments of tranquility. We live in a time when we are constantly busy, with packed schedules and stressful routines.

Iceland is a country full of grand and solitary places. You’ll find untouched nature, with hardly any traffic where time seems not to pass. When you come to Iceland, at least in my experience, you will have two sensations: solitude and grandeur. When you find yourself on roads without seeing a single vehicle or person for hours in the midst of breathtaking landscapes, there is no other alternative but to be philosophical and embrace you existentialist side. Breathing in all that peace breathe in causes your body to renew itself. Your batteries recharge, and your mind feels freer and less chaotic.

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Once you’ve visited Iceland, you experience the constant yearning to get back that peaceful feeling the country has given you.

You will miss the country’s contrasts

Iceland’s nickname itself will clue you in: fire and ice. But this isn’t the only contrast that you will find on the island. How about pristine, white snow resting atop black and opaque rocks? A darkened night sky with the incredibly colorful and luminous spectacle of the Aurora Borealis? What about the cold and windy Icelandic winter contrasted with the warmth of the pleasant geothermal bathing waters?

Iceland is a country that seems to have been created for pleasure and for the enjoyment of the senses. These range from the most vibrant, vivid, colorful landscapes to the darkest, greyest, dreariest panoramas that will make you feel as if you were on another planet. Unfortunately, many of these places are only found high up in these latitudes, so you have no choice but to return to Iceland to enjoy them again.

You will miss their culture

Many people think that Icelanders are cold and distant. It probably comes from the fact that they are people from the north who live in a colder climate than most people. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are a friendly and welcoming people who will try to make you feel at home. If apart from the landscapes you also dive a little bit further into the country’s culture, traditions and customs, you will discover a whole new world. Icelandic culture is captivating in all aspects, from its acclaimed literature to the more out there and avant-garde music of artists like Björk.

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You can experience all of this in places like Reykjavik, where culture is present in the daily life of the city. Small and cozy cafés where you can read the gripping Viking sagas, bars with live music and thousands of festivals along with art and painting exhibitions.

So now you know. Before you go to Iceland, you should read this article/prospectus and weigh whether or not you really want to accept the Iceland challenge. If you do not want to end up with new cravings, side effects, post-vacation syndrome, and being entirely enamored with the country, we advise against this trip. The reasons why you should not travel to Iceland are clear.

Reasons why you SHOULDN’T visit Iceland

In the end, if you decide to take the risk of discovering this beautiful country and end up with all the effects that we mentioned before, you should consult a doctor, preferably an Icelandic one. This is especially true if your symptoms get worse or if they do not improve after 30 days. Or you could always just book another trip to Iceland.

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