Icelandic Fashion: Reykjavik’s Best Fashion Boutiques

Shopping In Reyjavik: Iceland'S Capital Has Some Really Cool Fashion Boutiques

Boutique prices aren’t for the faint of heart. But can you really put a price on fashion? Reykjavik has grown significantly over recent years, and it shows in the continued success of our more expensive stores and boutiques. If you find yourself taking an autumn stroll, and you suddenly get a burning desire to burn some cash while looking chic, then you need to head to a few of our Icelandic boutiques. Let’s look at which local trailblazing fashion entrepreneurs are lighting the way for Iceland’s signature style.

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Kiosk Is One Of Reykjavik'S Most Popular Designer Boutiques


You can’t talk about Icelandic women’s boutiques without mentioning KIOSK first. There is a reason the Grapevine, our local free alternative magazine, has named it the best boutique in Reykjavik a total of 8 times. This collective is continuously pushing the boundaries of Icelandic fashion with thought-provoking garments and a unique style. Currently, KIOSK has offerings from 5 different designers; each designer uniquely portrays their vision.

The prices here by no means are cheap. You get what you pay for. The fabrics used on their garments are high quality, and you can instantly notice the level of craftsmanship when you handle their products. They also have a small selection of stylish jewelry to complement any outfit you land on. The styles range from bold to understated. I generally lean more towards the monochromatic, clean, minimalist look. However, their louder options are still something I would consider. Head down to Ingólfsstræti 6 and take your fashion to the next level.

A.M. Concept Store

A.M. are the new kids on the block. Aníta Hirlekar and Magnea Einarsdóttir’s ambitious concept space is a bastion of creativity. Their bold idea of taking a design space in which they could highlight their creative process, while simultaneously growing their brand and showcasing new artists and designers each month, is a joy to visit. With new blood coming in every month, the space evolves constantly. The young upstarts never have to worry about stagnation or monotony; with an ever-changing “new flavor of the month” fashion forward artists, designers, and regular shoppers are consistently exposed to bold and new concepts.

Buyer beware. If you aren’t accustomed to boutique prices, then this may not be the best foray into shopping at a high-end boutique. The prices at A.M. are astronomical, but, then again, you are paying for the cutting edge of fashion. Don’t get me wrong, perusing their offerings and seeing the design space is delightful. Just don’t get your heart set on a particular piece of clothing unless you have the cash. Otherwise, you may find yourself opening a new credit card.

Boutique Shopping In Reykjavik Will Yield Some Unique Finds


Shoes. Its all about the shoes. Well, maybe not all about the shoes but they are one of the driving forces behind KRON by KRONKRON. The innovative and stylish Icelandic footwear all started with the dynamic duo behind KRON by KRONKRON, Hugrún Árnadóttir, and Magni Þorsteinsson. In 2000, Hugrún had just returned to Iceland from Studio Bercot in Paris when she met Magni. They hit it off instantly, fell in love, and the rest is history. Bonded by their love of fashion and deviating from the norm, the power couple decided to open KRON shoe boutique. The stylish shoes they curated and found proved to be a hit, so they decided to start their own brand, and that’s where everything changed.

In 2008, Hugrún Árnadóttir and Magni Þorsteinsson unveiled their new brand, and suddenly the international fashion community took notice. The unique blending of quality materials, eccentric looks, and bold mixture of a cacophony of colors set their footwear apart. They aren’t shoes so much as they are pieces of art you wear on your feet. They eventually decided to branch out into a line of clothing. The summer of 2010 saw their first foray into garments, and like their shoes, it was a huge success. Strength, femininity, and ultra-modern would be some very basic descriptors of their style. The boutique is a joy to shop in, and if you want to see something genuinely unique during your time in Reykjavik, I recommend swinging by for a visit.

Reykjavik'S Boutiques Are Known For Their Unusual Fashion

Reykjavik’s Best Fashion Boutiques

It should be noted that none of these boutiques, save KRON by KRONKRON have any clothing options for men (and the offerings they do have are sparse). But let us be honest, this article is for the ladies. If you want to be on the forefront of fashion this fall and happen to be in Reykjavik, I would recommend any one of these boutiques. While the prices may be outrageous, the quality and style these boutiques put out in their jewelry, garments, and accessories are second to none. Keep your eyes peeled for any sales or liquidations. That way you won’t have to open a new line of credit for that perfect dress.

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