The Best Bakeries in Reykjavik

Baker Preparing Bread In One Of Reykjavik'S Best Bakeries
Visiting an Icelandic bakery is a must on your trip to Reykjavik. When you stroll down the streets of our charming capital, smells of freshly baked bread waft through the air. A quick walk downtown can result in your taste buds salivating and your stomach rumbling. Reykjavik has an ever-growing food and beverage scene that is perfect for foodies and food lovers alike, but high-quality baked goods have been a staple in Iceland for generations. Nothing warms the soul better than a hot cup of coffee and freshly fried kleina. With so many options available, you’ll naturally want to know the best bakeries in Reykjavik. In a perfect world, you could visit all of the city’s bakeries. Time is of the essence though, so let’s narrow our focus and get to noshing.Reykjavik'S Best Bakeries Are Known For Their High Quality And Fresh Ingredients

1. Brauð & Co.: A Taste of Tradition

Location: Multiple locations in Reykjavik Specialty: Sourdough bread, cinnamon rollsBrauð & Co (Bread & Co) is one of the newer bakeries in the city, and they have quickly gained renown for their scrumptious cinnamon rolls and high-quality ingredients. When you walk into this Icelandic bakery, nothing is hidden. The artisan bakers expertly prepare their delicious baked snacks in an open-air kitchen. It isn’t uncommon for patrons to ask them questions about their process, ingredients, and opinions on treats they are baking. While the store doesn’t have any official opening hours, you can bet on them opening early. Whether you are a jet-lagged tourist or a groggy resident of Reykjavik, head down to Brauð & Co for a cinnamon roll morning pick-me-up.

2. Sandholt Bakery

Location: Laugavegur, Reykjavik Specialty: Artisan bread, pastries, and cakesSandholt has been a staple in Reykjavik for generations. As one of the oldest family-run bakeries in the city, they know a thing or two about baking sweet and savory pastries, along with bread that is to die for. You can smell the tasty sourdough bread baking, fresh every day, before you actually see the store. Located at 36 Laugavegur street, this bakery is continuously experimenting with new grains from all around Europe and the Americas. If you have a craving for the Icelandic take on a breakfast sandwich, get here early, and you may just get one before they are all gone. Foodies Love Reykjavik'S Best Bakeries

3. Bernhoftsbakari

Location: Klapparstígur, Reykjavik Specialty: Icelandic rye bread, kleinurBernhöftsbakarí opened its doors in 1834. They take the top spot for the oldest bakery in Reykjavik. You don’t become the oldest player in the game without having picked up a thing or two along the way. This quaint Icelandic bakery has a wide variety of different products you can choose from, for almost any event. Party platters stacked high with Icelandic sandwiches, intrigue and masterfully designed birthday or wedding cakes, along with a cookie tower (no you didn’t read that wrong). Depending on your order, your column of baked cookie dough can feed between 20 and 80 people. The two previous bakeries on our list have a café-esque feel to them, and that is not the case here. Most customers order and then leave, but there is a tiny section of stools along the window for those looking to take a load off or enjoy their freshly made pastry.Bernhoftsbakari

4. Passion Reykjavík

Location: Álfheimar 6, Reykjavik Specialty: PizzadeigPassion Reykjavik has a serious passion for making for tasty treats. This bakery’s counter display seems like an endless field of sugar-filled goodness. Customers’ eyes grow wide when they see the freshly baked cinnamon rolls, kleinur, snúður, pekanhnetuvínarbrauð, and many, many, more. Passion also has the unique distinction of being one of the better bakeries for sitting and enjoying your snack on our list. The cozy cafe is the perfect spot to hide out from a sudden rainstorm or just a great place to catch up on a book. Swing by and make sure to loosen your belt when you leave.A Fine Selection Of Delicious Baked Goods At One Of Reykjavik'S Best Bakeries

5. Reykjavik Bakery: The Modern Twist

Location: Grandi area, Reykjavik Specialty: Modern pastries, sourdough pizzasReykjavik Bakery brings a modern twist to the bakery scene in Iceland, offering an innovative menu that includes not just exquisite pastries but also sourdough pizzas. This bakery in Reykjavik stands out for its creativity and willingness to experiment, making it a favorite among locals and tourists alike. The blend of traditional techniques with contemporary flavors encapsulates the evolving nature of Icelandic baking.

Reykjavik Bakery

6. Kaffi Vinyl: The Health-Conscious Haven

Location: Hverfisgata, Reykjavik Specialty: Vegan pastries, healthy breadsFor those looking for a healthier option without compromising on taste, Kaffi Vinyl is the go-to bakery in Iceland. This unique spot not only serves delicious vegan pastries and health-conscious breads but also doubles as a vibrant café with a focus on vinyl music. Kaffi Vinyl offers a refreshing take on the bakery experience, proving that the best bakeries in Reykjavik cater to a wide range of preferences.

Embrace the Warmth of Icelandic Baking

Reykjavik’s bakeries are more than just places to eat; they are cultural hubs that provide insight into the nation’s traditions, innovations, and the communal spirit of its people. From the traditional loaves of Brauð & Co. to the modern creations of Reykjavik Bakery, the city’s baking scene offers something for everyone.We invite you to explore these culinary treasures and more as you wander through the streets of Reykjavik. Let the aroma of fresh bread guide you through your journey in Iceland, and may your travels be as fulfilling as a warm, freshly baked Icelandic pastry.Ready to explore more Icelandic wonders? We encourage you to delve deeper into this unique country’s offerings. Whether it’s the natural beauty, the rich culture, or the warm hospitality, Iceland awaits with open arms. Start your adventure today by planning a visit to these exceptional bakeries and discover the heart of Icelandic warmth.

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