August in Iceland – Festivals and Activities

August In Iceland

It is kind of hard to write this post about August in Iceland. Maybe because it makes me aware of the fact that the summer is already coming to an end, days are shorter and well, low temperatures are already around the corner. Of course it does not mean it is any less fun! There is plenty to do during this time of the year.

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August is a quite festive month, maybe because we all love our short summer time and everybody feels like they should say goodbye to it in a proper way. I would not be lying if I say that there are holidays, sport and cultural activities every single week. It turns the island into a place full of people bursting in laughter, joy and desire to live the last breath of summer.

August In Iceland

So, what to do in August in Iceland?


Ok, catch your breath. I know this looks like a big word but for a huge holiday, we need also a big showy word, don’t we? Verslunarmannahelgi sort of translates to “the weekend of the merchants”. This name comes from an era where all the workers in Iceland had their own day off. Kind of similar to a Labor’s day. This celebration slowly turned from a bank holiday into a huge festivity not only popular in Reykjavik but also in major towns and in the Westmanislands.

During this celebration, there are huge outdoor concerts, music recitals, art exhibition activities for kids…etc.

This holiday is so popular that an annual music festival was “born” from this celebration. Its name is Innipúkinn and it is held in Reykjavik every August.

August In Iceland

Reykjavik Jazz Festival

A music lover? Then this is the place and time to come to Iceland! the Jazz festival takes place every August in Iceland. It has become an important festival within the jazz scene and has recently earn its place and name internationally. This festival lasts for two weeks and you will be able to enjoy both local and international jazz players.

Reykjavik Gay Pride

It may look like August in Iceland is all about music it seems, but do not be fooled! besides music there are also worldwide celebrations that take place in Reykjavik. One of those celebrations is the Pride. The city is then bursting in colors, music , people marching in the streets having fun ans sharing this rescindable date. Rainbows are now everywhere!

Reykjavik Culture Night

Enough music for the day? No worries, August in Iceland still has plenty to offer besides catchy melodies. It is known as Menningarnótt in Icelandic. You have art exhibition, workshops for young, adults and people of all ages. The city is totally alive as people gather in the streets of Reykjavik. Go around enjoying all the cultural options offered. This fantastic day is then waived goodbye with an amazing firework spectacle.

August In Iceland

August in Iceland – Festivals and Activities

Even though the summer is leaving us in August, as you can see it is not a traumatic separation at all. There are people everywhere, music, activities, festivities and all kind of fun that make August in Iceland a magical month to visit our island.

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