Great spots around Reykjavík to capture the perfect picture

Reykjavík Guide

Iceland is well known for having the most captivating landscapes on the planet. The variety of tourist attractions is always a plus when visiting a new country. You will be impressed by the number of things you can get to do around my beautiful island.

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Join us in this 300 kilometre adventure around Reykjavík!

First off, we have the Golden Circle, Iceland’s main highway (also known as Route 1). The starting point takes place in the capital area of Reykjavik. Most visitors choose to self-drive this road, as renting a car in Iceland is quite convenient and easy. Plus, it allows you to explore the area if your visit is for a few days or simply enjoy a rather scenic drive. There are many interesting stops along the way for great photographs or to be delighted by the geography.


Driving the complete circuit can take around 3-4 hours, leaving from the Reykjavik and stopping at most touristic highlights. Remember that it will always depend on driving and for those unexpected additional stops along the way. Always make sure to plan your journey ahead in time and check the weather forecast and road conditions.

Only 3-4 hours

The Golden Circle will allow you to explore Þingvellir National Parkalso to be amazed by the geothermal activity of Geysir and Strokkur. This last is special since it will erupt continuously every 5 minutes, so remember to have a picture taken in this cool spot. The views, in general, are simply incredible. They portray Iceland’s history and reflect the coexistence between nature’s best-kept secrets. A friendly country located close to the Arctic Circle. Up next in our journey, we have Gullfoss or also known as the golden waterfall, located in Hvítá river’s canyon (South of Iceland). You will be amazed by the power of the water crashing on lava layers. This is also one of the most iconic views in Iceland.

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There are also many tour operators and travel agencies that have organized tours along this route and can guide you through Iceland’s history and invite you to try new adventures. Such as trekking, sightseeing and snorkeling. This last one is another great way to take stunning shots on the world’s clearest waters at Silfra Fissure, located in Þingvellir National Park.

We recommend you to always bring comfortable clothing, footwear and protective equipment for some activities. Bear in mind that the weather in Iceland can be a bit unpredictable. So wearing waterproof active wear or pack a change of clothes is always good advice.

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