Things To Do in Reykjavík When it Rains – Iceland Weather –

Iceland Weather

Iceland weather is quite changeable but due to the Gulf Stream the climate is milder compared to other regions in the same latitude. However, the country is still quite windy and rainy. Rain is constantly present in the south areas of the country; the north is a bit dryer. That is something every visitor or even local, must expect. Do not let the rain get in your way, here you have several things to do in Reykjavík when it rains.

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Iceland Weather

Customs of places and people all around the globe is affected by their climate and weather conditions. Same happens here with our Iceland weather. We are quite aware that this might be a bit bothering to people from warmer areas but it is nothing you cannot overcome. Options to mingle with locals, get to places, enjoy different types of activities are at your disposal.

Cafés in Reykjavik

In Reykjavik, we love cafes! I know you might also have a cafe and brew houses back in your hometown but just change your point of view. If it is raining cats and dogs outside, the chances of meeting with an Icelander in a coffee shop are quite high. Striking a conversation with locals will open many opportunities to dip into the Icelandic culture, explanation to our traditions and why not? Making a new friend! All of these while you enjoy a warm cup of Icelandic coffee and some typical local pastries. Sounds great, right?

Iceland Weather

Northern Lights

Maybe you have read a thousand million times that in order to be able to see the Northern Lights, skies should be clear and not cloudy. Then you may be wondering, Berling is crazy, now she is writing about checking the Northern lights when its raining! It makes no sense!

Oh, my dear readers, I always look before I leap!

You can go and visit the Aurora Reykjavik Center. In case you do not have enough time or the weather does not allow you to see the real northern lights, this is the next best thing. Exhibitions, explanation about this phenomenon and some high definition projections that will show how great this show of nature is, are available for a cheap price. This is in my opinion a great thing to do in Reykjavik when it rains and the iceland weather is not favorable.

Iceland Weather

Things To Do in Reykjavík When it Rains – Iceland Weather –


Another great thing to do in Reykjavík when it rains is to go to museums, and we got plenty of them in this city! You will become pretty much an expert about: Whales, traditions, Icelandic history and languages, sports, politics…etc.

I would really recommend the Mink Viking museum Studio if you love the Viking culture.  You will be able to dress like one and get a photobook done! All of this while you learn about customs and the way they used to live back then.

All of these things to do in Reykjavík when it rains will keep your time quite busy not only for one day but for many! Always remember to bring suitable clothes for such climate as this will help you to have a better experience, keep cold away from your body and of course, any illness away. Do not let the rainy Iceland weather get you!

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