Top 7 Unique Waterfalls in Iceland

Waterfalls In Iceland

As you may probably know, our greatest resource in Iceland is water. It can be found in so many forms and places in nature that you will be impressed! Glaciers, rivers, local swimming pools and of course, hot springs are very interesting for tourists around the world. Top 7 Waterfalls in Iceland!

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Waterfalls In Iceland

The number of waterfalls you can find in our beautiful island is endless. They are appearing fast due to the melting glaciers forming courses of water along the way, transforming into waterfalls, they are to be seen all over Iceland. Waterfalls are simply incredible.

Here is a list with my personal selection of Top 7 Unique Waterfalls in Iceland:

Gullfoss one of the most accepted translations for this spot is “Golden waterfall”, is know for being really popular for its beauty and representation of our country abroad. It is really easy to access to it because it is close to Reykjavik City… About a two-hour drive southwest of Iceland.

Dettifoss waterfall is located in the Vatnajökull National Park in the Northeast area of the country. Currently, it holds the title of Europe’s most powerful cascade. This is due to its altitude: the water of the Jökulsá á Fjöllum river falls from a 144 feet height drop clashing as it hits the bottom. This waterfall springs from the close Vatnajökull glacier; Its running stream has a high sediment content that tint the water with a peculiar white and greyish shade.

Waterfalls In Iceland

Hraunfossar this impressive set of waterfalls is located in Borgarfjordur in West Iceland. As most of visitors, you will be impressed by small river streams going down, giving life to the Hvita glacier below. Most people consider this spot as the most photographable stop along the road. The contrast between the lava field colours and the water is a delight to enjoy for hours.

Bruarfoss here you can find a series of tiny waterfalls forming a hidden gem as for the spectacular blue of the waters that run free on top of a deep bottomless frame. If you are attracted by unique places and pictures, this stop is recommended. Although this particular waterfall is not as huge as others. I must say that it is my favourite spots for a hike, relax and explore since it is less popular among visitors.

Waterfalls In Iceland

Hrafnabjargafoss heading to North Iceland, we have a highly impressive set of canyons and mind-blowing scenery. In the beautiful Skjalfalandafljót river, where Christianity was established as our country’s official religion. Note that there are a few glacier rivers that collide into forming a renowned circuit of beautiful waterfalls. Make sure you visit Aldeyjarfoss, Barnafoss and Ullarfoss while in the area.

Dynjandi Waterfall is probably the most wonderful spot in Iceland ‘s outlying Westfjords, as well as known like The Thunderer, it is a collection of seven cascades reminding one of a stepped wedding cake. Its waterfall falls with great force 100 meters (329 ft) from the top of the mountai

Goðafoss another must see in Iceland is “The Waterfall of the Gods”, heading to North Central of the country and you will find this incredible 12-meter-tall and 30-meter-wide famous waterfall. Precisely located on top of Skjálfandafljót glacier river. According to sagas, back in the old days, there was a religious crisis set by Lawspeaker Thorgeir Ljosvetningagodi that it would throw idols of old Nordic Gods into the fall.

Waterfalls In Iceland

Waterfalls in Iceland

If you are planning to stay around for long. There is a great recommendation to sleep and eat in this unique place.

So now you are ready to explore these recommended spots and more that Iceland has to offer! Remember to plan your journey in advance and ask us locals for useful tips for your journey.

As well in Iceland you can find other beautiful waterfalls like Skógafoss, Seljalandsfoss or Svartifoss.

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