Iceland is a tourist hot spot. This is due in part to the naturally occurring beauty that can be found in our vistas and landscapes. The other significant determining factor is how accessible everything in Iceland is by car. Our roads and thoroughfares can quickly bring you to all regions of the country. If you are planning a visit to Iceland, you are going to want to get a vehicle and head out to the open road for a day trip or a longer adventure. But where should you rent a car from? I have got you covered. Let’s look at some of the best car rental companies in Iceland. All three car rental options that I’m reviewing are certified by the Icelandic Tourist Board, so rest assured that you are in good hands. 

The best car rental companies in Iceland are certified by the Iceland Tourism Board

Renting A Car: Cars Iceland

Cars Iceland is the car rental company that I recommend to friends and family who are seeking to explore all that Iceland has to offer. Their customer service is second to none, they have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, and they are conveniently located at the airport. Cars Iceland has a pickup office situated 3 minutes outside of Keflavík airport. No one likes to lug their luggage and trek to a faraway, shady booking office.

These guys are right at the airport, which will allow you to jump in your car quickly so you can begin exploring Iceland. Cars Iceland has 23 different options for vehicles, so no matter what your trip entails, they can accommodate your every need. Also, they build the insurance directly into the price of your car. The only coverage that doesn’t come standard is Sand & Ash Protection (which I would highly recommend getting). They are definitely one of Iceland’s five-star car rental companies. Don’t hesitate to give them your business.

Car rental agent in Iceland

Renting A Car: Reykjavík Cars

Like Cars Iceland, Reykjavik Cars has been around for a while, and their customers rave about the quality of their service and their vehicle selection. Reykjavík Cars has 18 different vehicles you can choose from for your Icelandic adventure. They even have two campervan options if you are looking to have a more rugged Icelandic experience. Reykjavik Cars only requires that you pay a nominal deposit up front. It is fully refundable before the start of your rental, which is great. This is an excellent option if you haven’t solidified your plans yet. Also, they offer hotel pick up within the city limits of their rental locations. They have a few offices, but you should still check with them about where you can pick up and drop off your car. I have only heard great things about this company, and I would easily recommend them for your next Icelandic visit. 

Renting A Car: Guide To Iceland Website

Guide to Iceland rounds out my list of three recommended rental car service in Iceland. They have an easy to use website with a strong social media presence and have great reviews. I have never personally rented from them, but word of mouth says they live up to the hype. Check out their website here.

Best Car Rental Companies and Options in Iceland

There are plenty of rental car companies and service providers in Iceland, but these are bar none the most popular options, and for good reason. Each one of these rental options has lightning fast customer service support, they have a comprehensive offering of vehicles and pricing packages, and they take great pride in the services that they offer. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any one of these three listed.

A selection of vehicles for rent in Iceland

Driving in Iceland is relaxing, beautiful, and breathtaking. But, due to our ever-changing weather, it should be noted that you need to take a certain level of precaution when operating a motor vehicle on our North Atlantic island. Always read the safety information provided by the rental car company. Cars Iceland has an excellent driving safety guide on their website. Be aware of anyway wayward sheep, or tourists that have stopped in the road to take a picture.

Finally, always opt in for the full insurance package. Insurance on rental cars is often the butt of many sitcom and movie jokes, but in Iceland it is crucial. Our country is not only beautiful, but it is also filled with rocks and gravel. Driving in Iceland, especially during the winter and autumn months, means you will regularly encounter debris coming at towards your windshield, lights, and mirrors at high speeds. While this can’t always be avoided, you might as well protect yourself as much as possible during your Icelandic getaway. No one wants to spend their vacation worrying about the damage to their rental car. You should be relaxed and free to let the splendour of Iceland’s great outdoors consume you. In the end, the best rental car company in Iceland is the one that works for you. Check online reviews, use my suggestions, and book with confidence.

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