Ísafjörður is a small town located in a sandsplit in a fjord in Westfjords. The most famous fjord is called Ísafjarðardjúp, it is known for the adventure activities. You can do very fun things because of its hight and wildness. Ísafjörður is a very fun place.

Top 5 things to do in Ísafjörður

Ísafjörður Maritime Museum

If you would like to do something else besides doing outdoor activities or if the weather does not help, visiting the “Maritime Museum” is a good option. I wanted to do differents things in this área, that is why I decided to inform myself about fishing life in the 19th century. The location was great, we when walking, it was situated right next to the harbour.

It was very entertaining, we watched a very nice and fascinating movie about the local fishing industry, I do not imagine living without all the technology that makes life so easy today.

We got to try fermented shark, it was my first time, it tasted a little bit salty and the smell was funny but I liked it. I think people should always try the gastronomy of the country you are visiting and Icelandic food. The collection of accordions collected by local man and the diving equipment were very impressive! I highly recommend it.

Ísafjörður Maritime Museum

Natural History Museum

If you have children it is a very nice option, I went by my own because I had enough out door activities, also the day was a bit cold. This museum is located in Bolungarvik, like 15 minutes from Ísafjörður. Here you can overview all types of birds and mammals of this región, and a wonderful stone collection. What really impressed me was a real dried polar bear. You can tell the museum it is very local, the English description was a bit poor, but sometimes, I prefer it that way, that makes me feel a bit less tourist!

Visit the Vigur Island

We got a boat ride which took us only half an hour to get there., the views of the fjord was beautiful. Once I got there, we saw puffins, eider ducks, guillemots… In Vigur Island you can see the only windmill in the country, it is not big, and they still use it.

Another curious thing is, that you can visit the smallest post office of Europe, so it is a very original way of sending a post card to your family and friends.


Top 5 things to do in Ísafjörður


You cannot visit the Ísafjörður and not doing an outdoor activity, actually it is the best hiking area of the country. You get to enjoy the unbelievable views of the mountains and cascades and of course the of fjords. A day trip if a good option, just remember to wear comfortable clothing, and waterproof hiking boots. A friend recommended a tour company called “West Tours”, here the link:

Culture Walking

It is nice to know about the aerea, having a nice walking tour and being informed of the history, buildings, the harbor, fjords and their style of life. Also, this way you get to see really nice and yummy bakerys, personally I tried the best pastry here in a place called “Gamla Bakaríid”, I highly recommend it.

Gamla Bakaríid

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