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Reykjavík, IS
Saturday, September 23, 2023
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WOW Citybikes: Reykjavik on Two Wheels

WOW citybikes has signature purple bikes to rent all around Reykjavik
Looking for a quick, cheap, easy, environmentally-friendly way to get around Reykjavik? Then look no further than WOW citybikes. For less than the price of a bus ticket, you can rent one of the airline company’s signature purple bikes for up to thirty minutes. With eight bike stations in the city, it’s easy to rent, ride, and return your...

Cool Outdoor Activity: Private Bike Tours in Reykjavik

Private Bike Tours in Reykjavik for any Iceland travelers who would like to join this green option
It’s no secret that Reykjavik is incredible. Stunning. With each passing year, the city continues to grow with a steady influx of tourists. If you are coming to visit us for the first time, be prepared to experience a lively art scene, colorful wooden buildings, and delicious food. Getting the lay of the land is the first thing that...

The 2018 WOW Air Travel Guide Contest – Get Paid to Travel the World

Two best friends traveling the world with WOW Air flight
Imagine getting paid to travel the world with your bestie. Icelandic flight operator WOW Air is offering you the chance to do just that. The discount carrier is best known for offering cheap flights to Iceland. You may remember that a few years back they even offered $99 fares to Europe. Well, they're at it again with this new...

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