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Main Stops on Iceland’s Ring Road: Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Kirkjufell Mountain and Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall at sunset in Snaefellsnes peninsula
We've made our way all around Iceland's Ring Road. Now it's time for one last stop: the Snaefellsnes peninsula. Known as Iceland in miniature, this collection of breathtaking natural attractions has everything from the snow-capped Kirkjufell mountain and icy Snaefellsjökull glacier to the impressive Eldborg volcanic crater and hidden hot spring at Landbrotalaug. It's located about two hours north...

Main Stops on Iceland’s Ring Road: West Iceland and the Westfjords

Iceland's famous Westfjords
West Iceland is a region that quite frankly doesn’t get as much love as the rest of the country. It’s not nearly as famous as the South. It also doesn’t have the dozens of natural attractions found around North Iceland’s Diamond Circle route. But don’t think that this means West Iceland has nothing to offer! The Westfjords are in...

The Best Pools in West Iceland

Pools in West Iceland
To have a bath in a hot tub or geothermal pool is a must for every single tourist visiting Iceland. Here we will give you some of the best or most popular pools in West Iceland so you can plan your route! Remember all the natural hot springs in Iceland are public, but they might be on a private...

5 West Iceland Magic Places You Will Love

West Iceland
West Iceland is usually one of the favourite areas of tourist when visiting the island. However, if you stick to what most popular travel guides say and recommend, you might lose a bit of the essence of this place. West Iceland is also known as Sagaland as most of the Icelandic Sagas were written here. Let me tell you...

Borgarnes – All the Way Through the West of Iceland

Iceland is indeed a big island in comparison to its inhabitants. The fact that our land is scarcely populated does not mean there are several cities, towns or villages that are worth visiting. That is why this time we are traveling all the way to the west of Iceland to visit Borgarnes. Borgarnes had its city rights in 1867 and...

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