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Icelandic Women: Feminism in Iceland

Iceland, the Viking country full of volcanoes, glaciers, black sand beaches, impressive basalt cliffs, dreamy waterfalls, iceberg lakes, and hot springs, is also one of the most vanguardist countries on the planet in terms of equality between women and men. Since 1970, its government has been developing active policies to close gender gaps and making men aware of the...

The Most Common Icelandic Names

Hello my name is tag pinned on board - Icelandic names
Iceland is famously known as the Land of Fire and Ice with picturesque landscapes and awe-inspiring natural wonders. The names of these monuments are equally unique because the Icelandic language has remained mostly unchanged from the original Norse settlers. Icelanders are very proud of their culture and they pass down this heritage through their names. The most common Icelandic names...

The Icelandic Sagas: History and Heroism

The Icelandic Sagas tell the history of Vikings like Ragnar Lothbrok
Thousands of years have gone by since the days where battles and wars were commonplace in our society. We still find those stories fascinating and mesmerizing. They used to be vicious and violent, and though I’m not really into the rough stuff, I am aware that those people were courageous and brave enough to protect their land or to...

Iceland’s Viking Past: The Settlements and The Sagas

Iceland's Vikings contributed to their history, language, and culture
Iceland is a unique place for many reasons. Not only is it a small island with fiery, active volcanoes and frosty glaciers, it also has a fascinating history. To me, one of the most interesting things about Iceland is that the modern-day inhabitants descended from the Vikings. This is not hyperbole. These Nordic conquerors settled the island in the...

Funny Yet Useful Phrases in Icelandic

Man and boy with moustaches in Icelandic colors with funny and useful phrases
Icelandic is a language with a proud linguistic heritage. We descended from the Vikings, as did our beloved mother tongue. While every traveler needs to know basic phrases like “Hello”, “How are you”, and “Is that Sveinn Gunnarsson over there?” before their plane touches down in Reykjavik, let’s be real; that’s all a bit boring. What will truly help...

Symbolism, History, and Meaning Behind Iceland’s Flag

Iceland's flag is one of the more beautiful one's and it has a fascinating history
A flag is the very identity of a country. By using a combination of colors and symbolism, a nation can convey its cultural values, stories, and histories. At its core, a flag is the ultimate device for communication. If you look at the flag of any country, any flag you know at least, a flurry of images, stories, historical...

Iceland Country Profile – FAQs and Brief Overview

Iceland FAQs and country profile
We are going to do something a little bit different today. Instead of exploring the best of the best that Reykjavik has to offer, we are going to do a quick rundown of Iceland. We tend to get asked the same questions again and again, so we hope this will answer the most frequently asked questions about Iceland, like...

Icelandic Culture – What Are Icelanders Like?

A couple of young icelanders wearing the traditional sweater of the icelandic culture
So, you’re headed to Iceland soon, and you want to get to know your hosts a little bit better. Do all Icelanders come from Vikings? Why are Icelanders obsessed with hot dogs? What is Icelandic culture like? These are all valid questions, and if you have never been here, it may be hard to imagine answers. I am going...

Untrue Stereotypes About Iceland

There are plenty of untrue stereotypes and myths about Iceland
I think people have the wrong idea about Iceland. I think they picture Iceland as this land filled with outrageously tall, bleach blonde, drop dead gorgeous Vikings who eat puffins and believe in elves. Ok maybe the drop dead gorgeous part is real, but everything else is only a half-truth. With Iceland becoming a tourist hotspot, it is easy...

Iceland’s Independence Day – A Journey Full of Celebrations

Iceland's Independence day is on June 17
Iceland is not only a remote island up north of the Atlantic Ocean, it is also a very new country in both geological terms as well as in the political field. This tiny country was one of the last places on earth to become a colony. Do you want to discover how Iceland went from colony to sovereign nation?...

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