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Iceland Map Explained for Tourists

Iceland is a destination like no other in the world. On this island, located between Greenland and Norway, it is possible to enjoy natural phenomena such as geysers, geothermal waters, volcanoes, glaciers and waterfalls. Iceland, thanks to being the country with the lowest population density in all of Europe, offers unspoiled landscapes full of magic, impossible to find anywhere...

How to Travel Cheap: Tips and Tricks

How to travel cheap and save money
While travel is something that everyone should do, the reality is that it can be expensive. But there are still people who manage to do it, so what are their secrets? Even if you don't have a ton of money, it's still possible to see the world. You just have to know how to travel cheap, and that's the...

Iceland Tap Water: Is it Safe?

Is Iceland tap water safe to drink?
There are lots of different questions that we ask when traveling to a foreign country for the first time. One of the biggest ones is whether or not we can drink water straight from the faucet. It's an important query that will affect us as we stay hydrated on our trip. Whether or not you can drink Iceland tap...

Sustainable Tourism in Iceland

Sustainable tourism in Iceland protects our natural beauty
Iceland has become a very popular destination among tourists worldwide. They’ve been captivated by its many natural attractions such as geysers, volcanoes and over 10,000 waterfalls. Iceland tourism has especially grown quite rapidly over the past few years. But it was not until approximately 2012-2013 that this so-called "tourism boom" arrived on our shores. Iceland is a very small...

Winter Travel Tips For Iceland

Winter travel tip with frozen Gullfoss waterfall
Traveling can have different meanings. Some people think it is a way to escape and shake away the stress of daily life. For most of us, it means making new friends, learning new languages, discovering new cultures and having new experiences. But besides that, traveling means planning for all of us. Heading to Iceland can be a once in...

What is the Best Month to Visit Iceland?

Summer is one of the best times of the year to take an Iceland road trip.
Iceland's popularity as a tourism destination has grown exponentially over the last decade. Every year, more and more tourists touch down on our shores. There are tons of activities to do and plenty of natural attractions to see. And everything you're bound to experience depends heavily on the time of year you plan your trip. So what is the...

Tourism in Iceland: Horror Stories and How You Can Be Different

Stop! Some horror stories of bad tourists in Iceland
Iceland has experienced a tourism boom that it was not entirely prepared for. As a result, many tourists come here and behave in ways that are at best, not entirely respectful, and at worst, downright destructive. You know you are...and I see you. So while the majority of visitors to the island are on their best behavior and generally...

Winter Clothing: What to Wear in Iceland

Vector illustration of Winter clothing items for Iceland trip
Winter is becoming one of the most popular times to visit Iceland. Now that the overall boom in tourism is in full swing, more people than ever before are thinking about visiting the small Nordic island. While the high season happens during the summer months of May, June, July, and August, larger numbers of people are deciding to visit...

How Windy Does It Really Get In Iceland?

Driving in Iceland during slightly windy, icy weather
One of the things that surprise first-time travelers to Iceland is how windy it can be. If you haven't read any of the travel boards or talked to someone who has visited, the Nordic island’s stronger than average gusts might catch you off-guard. People planning a trip to Iceland often research what the weather is like, average temperatures, rainfall,...

Should I Drive Iceland’s South Coast or the Golden Circle?

Beautiful sunset in Vik, Southern Iceland
In recent years, Iceland has emerged as a must-do on travelers bucket list with a vengeance. Some aren’t even sure why they desire to go there with such a feverish passion. All they know is that it’s one of those places you “have to go” because it’s “amazing”. Once you’ve taken the big leap and decided to go, another...

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