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Iceland’s Weather in January: Temperatures, Snow, and More

Weather in January adds to the charm of Iceland's attractions
Visiting Iceland in the winter is a uniquely awesome proposition. January is one of the best months to visit Iceland, not only because of lower prices and fewer crowds, but also the large number of amazingly cool winter activities that await you. If you decide to plan a vacation to Iceland in January, there are several things to keep...

Tourism in Iceland: Horror Stories and How You Can Be Different

Stop! Some horror stories of bad tourists in Iceland
Iceland has experienced a tourism boom that it was not entirely prepared for. As a result, many tourists come here and behave in ways that are at best, not entirely respectful, and at worst, downright destructive. You know you are...and I see you. So while the majority of visitors to the island are on their best behavior and generally...

Iceland, Europe Among Top Summer Travel Destinations According to Travel Agents

Godafoss waterfall is one of Iceland's top tourist destinations
Europe has always been a favorite destination for summer travelers and this year is no exception. Travelers around the world pack their suitcases, grab their passports, hop on a plane, and descend upon the European continent in droves. According to travel agents, there is one place in particular that seems to be popping up on everyone's radar: Iceland. The...

Reykjavik Shopping: Visiting Laugavegur aka Iceland’s Mecca of Cool

Friends with shopping bags in Reykjavik
The list of things to do in Reykjavik is quite long, and many of the most interesting activities center on Laugavegur street. This is Reykjavik’s main street and is the heart of both the city’s nightlife and commercial bustle during the day. You’ll find a wide variety of shops, cafés, bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. Because this is the center...

Iceland’s Growth as a Tourism Destination

Airport signs in both Icelandic and English as Iceland is now a touristic destination
Iceland has rapidly gained popularity among tourists. Statistics show that about 2.3 million people came to visit Iceland last year. This means there were almost 7 times more tourists than locals as the island is inhabited by just 334,000 people. The raw beauty of this country and unique landscapes are definitely a magnet attracting tourists from all over the...

The 2018 WOW Air Travel Guide Contest – Get Paid to Travel the World

Two best friends traveling the world with WOW Air flight
Imagine getting paid to travel the world with your bestie. Icelandic flight operator WOW Air is offering you the chance to do just that. The discount carrier is best known for offering cheap flights to Iceland. You may remember that a few years back they even offered $99 fares to Europe. Well, they're at it again with this new...

5 West Iceland Magic Places You Will Love

West Iceland
West Iceland is usually one of the favourite areas of tourist when visiting the island. However, if you stick to what most popular travel guides say and recommend, you might lose a bit of the essence of this place. West Iceland is also known as Sagaland as most of the Icelandic Sagas were written here. Let me tell you...

Secrets of the Highlands of Iceland – Wild Interior Lands

Iceland, a wild country born from the rage, anger and fury of the entrails of the earth, it could be anything but ordinary. Centuries of shaping caused the creation of this striking beauty, one could easily think it was directly design by the most talented god of the Vanaheimr. Welcome to the Secrets of the Highlands of Iceland. This clash...

Borgarnes – All the Way Through the West of Iceland

Iceland is indeed a big island in comparison to its inhabitants. The fact that our land is scarcely populated does not mean there are several cities, towns or villages that are worth visiting. That is why this time we are traveling all the way to the west of Iceland to visit Borgarnes. Borgarnes had its city rights in 1867 and...

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Landmannalaugar

visit Landmannalaugar
If there is a place in Iceland where you can discover several worlds in just one area, that is Landmannalaugar. You probably heard about this region as we can basically consider it one of the most popular sites and destinations of all Iceland. We are not exaggerating when we say that visiting Landmannalaugar is like visiting many tiny little...

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