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The Icelandic Language: Proud Linguistic Heir of the Vikings

The Iceland flag representing its language and history
Icelandic is not one of the world's most spoken languages, nor is it in high demand at language schools. This doesn't necessarily mean that the language’s history and evolution are any less fascinating than more well-known languages such as English, Spanish, or French. If you are a lover of Viking culture, a lover of languages or are simply curious,...

Basic Phrases In Icelandic For First Timers – Let’s Have A Chat!

Planning a trip to a foreign country is always associated with apprehension of a language barier. Nowadays we can communicate in English everyhere as well as in Iceland. However easy it might be, we do recommend to get some basics of a native language. Those who start their adventure with Icelandic language often get discouraged even before the start....

Puffin Watching In Iceland – The Cutest Bird Ever Seen In Iceland

Puffins Watching In Iceland
Puffins have already become a symbol of Iceland and although their colonies can be found in many corners of the Island, there are places where the Chance to meet them is the greatest. Those unique birds are everywhere, on postcards, T-shirts and posters. You literally can't leave Iceland without the fridge magnet with an image of a puffin on...

Mind Blowing Packing Tips for Your Iceland Trip

Packing Tips for your Iceland Trip
Oh packing... Not everyone's favorite activity. Whenever I am preparing for a trip, I wish I could go back to being a little girl again. Why? Well, I would have my mom packing up my suitcases for me. Oh those lovely days! But I am afraid we are all grown up now and we need to face the huge...

Day Tours in Iceland: Best Places in Iceland for a Day Off!

day tours in Iceland
Coming to Iceland open up many windows to such a huge variety of activities. Sometimes it can even be overwhelming, as we all want to do a lot in a short period if time. I am well aware that not many people have weeks to spend in Iceland. So, sometimes you need to set your priorities and try to...

How to Beat Jet Lag When Traveling to Iceland?

Jet Lag
Traveling is such a great activity! It allows you meet new people, learn about new cultures and taste new food. Traveling probably has more advantages than disadvantages, that is why everyone loves traveling. But the truth is your trip can be ruined by jet lag. If planning on catching a flight soon, be sure to follow our guide on...

Hacks For Motorhome Iceland Camping With Kids

Motorhome Iceland Camping
Camping is one of our favorite activities in Iceland. As our country is all about nature, being close to it and being able to enjoy the landscape is a must. But we got to be honest, if we are traveling with kids, we need way more preparation…those who already have kids do not need further explanation. So here I...

How to Get Amazing Photos In Iceland: Mobile Photo Tips

Photos In Iceland
The world is changing fast and with it, the way we capture it. In our current society, the way we see and share what is around us is being redefined. We no longer need huge cameras that cost thousand bucks to get an amazing picture. Mobile phones and tiny devices such a Go Pro camera, allows us to capture...

10 Free Things To Do In Reykjavik

Free Things To Do In Reykjavik
Reykjavik is the most northerly capital of the world, its name translates to the smokey bay. The capital of the land of ice and fire lies in southwestern Iceland, on the south bank of Faxa bay. Currently it is the cultural, economic and governmental center of Iceland. It is one of the cleanest, greenest and safest cities in the...

Best 5 Recommendations For a Southern Iceland Visit

Southern Iceland Visit
The South of Iceland is one of the most popular places for visitors in our country. The reason is there are several pearls concentrated in this place. Some of them can be a great representation of what Iceland has to offer. Of course nature is right in the spotlight, but there are also other activities to remark. stay to...

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