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Norse Mythology: The Stories Behind the Icelandic Nature

nordic sagas book with stories of the Icelandic nature
Since the beginning of time, human beings have tried to find a reason to explain the wonders that surround us. In a nation like Iceland where solitude, scenic beauty, and a somewhat extreme climate collide, thousands of stories were born. Icelandic Folklore continues to captivate us up to this day. There are dozens of stories behind the Icelandic nature,...

Iceland’s Independence Day – A Journey Full of Celebrations

Iceland's Independence day is on June 17
Iceland is not only a remote island up north of the Atlantic Ocean, it is also a very new country in both geological terms as well as in the political field. This tiny country was one of the last places on earth to become a colony. Do you want to discover how Iceland went from colony to sovereign nation?...

The Ancient Stories Written in The Iceland Viking Sagas

Every country has its history written down, either on paper, parchment scrolls or rock. Some use some artsy hieroglyphic and some others use one of the most beautiful written way: poems. Whichever way each civilization chose, we cannot deny the importance and impact such histories have in each nation. Iceland is a tiny remote island, but here, some of...

Where Does The Icelandic Language Come From?

Icelandic Language
It should not be new news to you that in Iceland we speak Icelandic (yeahh!) There are currently 358.000 Icelandic speakers. Even though there are some native speakers in Canada and Denmark, most speakers are located mainly in Iceland. But where does the Icelandic Language come from? What does it look like? We will find out in this newly...

The History Behind Thingvellir National Park

Thingvellir National Park
Thingvellir is nowadays a famous and well known touristic attraction in Iceland. Its convenient location, close to Reykjavik, makes it easier to reach. Any traveler that decides to take the demanded Golden Circle tours, go and check Thingvellir. But, what makes it interesting or worth visiting? Let’s find out the History behind Thingvellir National Park. As the title states, Thingvellir...

Vikings in Iceland: The Origins Of The Settlements

Vikings in Iceland
It is not a surprise that Iceland has a strong Scandinavian Link. In fact, it is a Scandinavian country. Its language, Icelandic, is currently the most similar one to old Norse. Nowadays children in Iceland can easily understand old Norse sagas. But, how did this happen? How come this remote Island in the north Atlantic Ocean became Viking? If...

Turf Houses, Traditional Icelandic Way of Living

Turf Houses
As human beings, since the beginning of time, we needed to adapt to our surroundings in order to be able to survive. We humans have been able to stablished in the most remote and rough areas one can imagine. All of this was possible by analyzing the environments. Using what nature offers as a resource for our own benefit...

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