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Iceland in July – Best Summer Festivals

Outdoor music festival in Iceland
Iceland is a country that comes alive during summer. June, July and August are some of the best times to visit the country. In addition to seemingly endless sunlight, the small island nation is also bustling with activities and things to do. The weather in Iceland in July is ideal, and it shows. Icelanders have spent many of the...

Sunshine and Daylight Hours in Iceland Per Month

Daylight Hours in Iceland
Sun the source of life and for many, the source of happiness and well-being. In our case, as we are a travel blog, we are not focusing on the effects of the sun in our health but in our trip. Light is pretty much necessary for sightseeing and touring around the island. So here you have a complete review...

Spring in Iceland- The season series

If during the Fall the countryside turns into a brown reddish color during the spring time, green is the predominant color. After a long and cold winter, spring is one of the most awaited seasons in Iceland. Everything has a new light, nature awakens and new plant life starts to spring forth from the ground. All sorts of flowers...

Winter in Iceland- The season series

Winter in Iceland – The season series
Iceland is a country of extremes, it ranges from the fire of the volcanos to the ice of the glaciers, and in I am Reykjavik we are keeping the same pattern: from the warm summer topic in our last article of these series, to the cold Winter in Iceland- The season series post. Welcome to the freezing side of...

Autumn in Iceland- The season series

Autumn in Iceland- The season series
I love autumn, I really do. To me is one of the most heartwarming season, it is sort of in the middle of everything, it is not hot but not too cold either, days are slowly getting darker but you still got plenty of that beautiful misty light…and the colors and the smell of freshly brewed coffee! So, grab...

Summer in Iceland – The season series

Summer in Iceland- The season series
 Discovering a country can have so many different hints depending on the season you are coming in. Every season has its own magic. That is why we wanted to share with you how to take the most of your trip with this Summer in Iceland- The season series; no matter the time of the year you are traveling to...

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