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How Windy Does It Really Get In Iceland?

Driving in Iceland during slightly windy, icy weather
One of the things that surprise first-time travelers to Iceland is how windy it can be. If you haven't read any of the travel boards or talked to someone who has visited, the Nordic island’s stronger than average gusts might catch you off-guard. People planning a trip to Iceland often research what the weather is like, average temperatures, rainfall,...

Safety Advice & Driving Tips When Visiting Iceland

Travel safety tips and driving tips for Iceland
Coming to Iceland for the first time is a memorable experience. The landscape is unlike anything else found in the world, the culture is warm and welcoming, and you are likely to remember your trip for the rest of your life. But, it is important to keep in mind some simple safety tips if you have never been here...

Military and Defense Forces in Iceland

Military dog tags customized with the Icelandic flag over a camo fabric
Since 2007 the Institute of Economics and Peace publishes the Global Peace Index report, which is a tool for measuring security in individual countries. According to the statistics that can be found online, Iceland holds the first position on the list of the most peaceful states. It might seem surprising to you but there are not defense forces in...

Car Rental Holidays: Child Seat Legislation in Iceland

Child Seat Legislation in Iceland
Truth is we all love our children and we want the best for them. When renting a car, protection and security comes first, that also applies to our little ones. As many of you may be visiting Iceland soon, and of course, renting a vehicle; rules must plain to see. So we can clear up any doubt about this...

Driving Rules in Iceland No One Should Ignore

Driving Rules in Iceland
When visiting a foreign country, I think everyone would agree with this: the only way to make your trip unique and enjoy your own, one and only itinerary is to have your own vehicle. This means you need to be sure of where you are driving, that is why this Driving Rules in Iceland are so important. Having your own car...

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